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What's Happening at Esalen? Transformation is in the Air
January 10, 2022

We've added a big batch of new workshops for February and beyond, including two very special opportunities to transform your reality with help from master teachers Laura Day, Gahl Sasson, and Nancy Winston, a chance to spread your creative wings and transform recycled materials into art, and a whole lot more.

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Rest for the Solstice and Then Reach for Spring
December 21, 2021

More new workshops for February and new workshops for the spring season. Renew your body and your mind with Ulrika Engman, Janet Stone, and Lucia Horan on our Big Sur campus.

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Fall in Love with the Natural World in February
December 6, 2021

Dan Zigmond returns to help open the path to modern meditation practices, Internal Family Systems work to explore leadership and love, and wild eros to help you fall in love with the natural world around you.

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Ways to Give: Our Holiday Gift Guide and Support for Esalen
November 26, 2021

Our Holiday Gift Guide 2021 introduces brand new collections for kids and babies; plus, newly-designed hoodies and tees that honor our sacred place on earth. Each gift you purchase from our online store goes to supporting our programs and the land. Check out gifts for rituals, energy, candle gazing, or cozying up at home. We have digital gift certificates too.

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New Workshops at Esalen: Energetic Consciousness, Chakra Rituals and Transformative Practices
November 22, 2021

The return of an iconic Esalen Massage workshop, celebrating LGBTQ+ love in a safe space, human potential with Paul Selig, and Enneagram for expansion are all available in this round of January and February workshop experiences.

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What's Happening at Esalen? Dance, Move and Transform
November 8, 2021

Flow into 2022 with new workshops for December and January. Learn the art and the science of transformation, align and reset with a Winter Solstice yoga retreat, and find the keys to well-being and creativity through dance.

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What's Happening at Esalen? Set Your 2022 Intentions with Dorje Lopön Chandra Easton and special musical guest, Adrienne Shamszad
October 25, 2021

Set your 2022 intentions with Esalen. Dance, flow, and meditate with Zuza and Scott Engler, Raphael Cushnir, and Chandra Easton. Unlock your creative potential with Esalen Artist in Residence alum Darnell Walker and explore the truth about Tantra with Sravana Borkataky-Varma and Keith Cantú.

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What's Happening at Esalen? Reconnect, Become Your Own Healer, and Align with the Terrain Around You
October 11, 2021

Are you curious about your own capacity to heal? Do you wonder how you can create a different relationship with the land around you that is not rooted in dominance? Check out new workshops from Erika Gagnon and Vivien Sansour to find out how you can heal yourself and reconnect to the land around you.

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What's Happening at Esalen? Gestalt Awareness, Modern Meditation, and Spiritual Maturity
September 27, 2021

Dan Zigmond returns to help clear the obstacles of a daily meditation practice, Steven Harper explores the richness of Gestalt for radical aliveness in his return visit, and Miranda Macpherson helps us to rise to meet change with spiritual maturity.

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What's Happening at Esalen? Nature Altars to Heal Grief, Spirit Dive, and a Gratitude Retreat
September 13, 2021

Navigate your soul path with a spirit dive, guided by East Forest and Radha Weppner, transform grief into beauty with artist Day Schildkret, or flow into gratitude with Janet Stone. New workshops are open for discovery right now.

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What's Happening at Esalen? New Workshops Offer Healing Through Wisdom, Chinese Medicine, and Nature
August 31, 2021

Are you ready to change along with the natural shift in the seasons? Fall’s new workshops support your healing journey through sound, wisdom, ancient medicine and science, nature, and more.

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It’s In the Bag: Cali Coastal 70s Vibes
August 27, 2021

What’s in a bag? Aside from your essentials, there is a story behind our latest must-have from the book store. Find out how a simple stop over at a coffee shop turned into our new item of the season.

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What's Happening at Esalen? New Workshops Feature Authentic Activation, Mindfulness in Nature, and Soulmate Communication
August 16, 2021

As we head into Fall 2021, dance your way to ecstasy, deepen your relationships, and cultivate joy with a new crop of workshops.

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What's Happening at Esalen? New Workshops Contemplate Liberation for All and the Art of Futuremaking
August 2, 2021

As we approach the days of late summer, two, brand new fall workshops are coming your way for September! Get liberated… and get busy crafting your future, because some of your favorites are back for an encore.

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What's Happening at Esalen? Tap Into Your Inner Genius, Enneagram for Social Justice and More New Workshops
July 19, 2021

Three new workshops just opened up for August. Whether you unlock your right brain, dive into a numerical map for social change, or learn how to move like the ocean and sit like a mountain… transformation awaits.

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What's Happening at Esalen? 3 New Workshops for Late Summer (Plus One for Fall!)
July 5, 2021

We’re pleased to announce a new slate of upcoming workshops heading to Esalen this July, August, and October! Choose from four new workshops designed to help you navigate our changing times.

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What's Happening at Esalen? 7 New Workshops Offer a Sneak Peek at Fall
June 21, 2021

We’re pleased to announce a new slate of upcoming workshops heading to Esalen this summer and fall! Choose from seven new workshops designed to help you meditate, engage, move, feel, and sing your way toward your highest spiritual self.

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Like Nestling in a Cloud: The Esalen Robe
June 16, 2021

Delve into the inspiration and craft that went into the making of our luxurious new robe, available now in the Esalen store.

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What's Happening at Esalen? Ten New Summer Workshops
June 7, 2021

An exciting array of new summer workshops are coming to Esalen in July and August! Choose from 10 new workshops to help you round out your summer in the spirit of healing and self-exploration.

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What's Happening at Esalen? Six New Workshops for Summer
May 24, 2021

‍The schedule of summer workshops has expanded by leaps and bounds since our last update! Choose from six new workshops to give your June and July an empowering boost.

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