Travel advisory
Maintenance work on Highway 1 north of Esalen at the Bixby Bridge (PM 59.5) will result in full overnight road closures from 10 pm – 6:30 am for three weeks beginning Monday July 12.


In addition to unparalleled access to the leading minds of the day and pioneering virtual gatherings, we also welcome visitors to our California campus and retreat center, which features natural hot springs, an organic farm and garden, rustic guest accommodations, and more, all set on over 100 acres of the beautiful Big Sur coast.


Our all-inclusive workshop tuition includes accommodations, three meals, open classes, and use of the hot springs baths. Guests also have access to other campus facilities like the heated pool, Meditation Hut and Art Barn. Workshop pricing may vary and may have additional fees. Please see the workshop description for more information.

During registration, you'll see accommodation options, photos, and specific pricing.

Accommodation Tiers

Standard Single Room
Standard Couple Room
Standard Room Two Beds
Premium Single Room
Premium Couple Room
Premium Plus Room
Point House Suite
Point House Plus Suite
South Point House Plus Suite

Accommodation details
photo of lodging with first floor and loft in wood with a window abovea top right border on images
Hot Springs
The hot springs let us savor life on the edge, literally and figuratively. Clothing is optional; contemplation is guaranteed.

The hot springs hang between sea and sky, an awe-inspiring respite for mind and body and a great equalizer. Simultaneously comforting and challenging, the baths nourish conversation, contemplation, and community.

While clothing is optional at the baths, nudity is by no means mandatory. You are invited to soak either with a swimsuit or without, knowing that the environment we strive for at Esalen is one of personal sanctuary and respect for the human body.

After you register for your stay at Esalen, we will contact you to reserve time in a private tub at the hot springs. Due to COVID, communal bathing is not currently allowed and we are not accepting reservations for public night bathing.

Once you arrive on campus, a path down the hill from the Esalen Lodge brings you to the baths’ upper level, with an outdoor massage deck, living roof featuring a crystal and succulent garden, and hot tub with a lift for ADA access. Head to the lower level to find the changing area and the springs themselves, and be sure to check in with a bathing attendant to find your tub.

The Esalen Baths overlook the Pacific Ocean.One of four large, communal tubs at the Esalen hot springs.A path leads from the back deck of the Esalen Lodge down to the baths.

In 1869, arthritis sufferer Thomas Slate visited the hot springs in search of relief. It became the first tourist destination in Big Sur, frequented by people seeking relief from similar afflictions.

The Esalen Farm & Garden
Cultivating soil, plants, and people.

The Esalen Farm & Garden is a holistic model of local food security and sustainability, producing organic food that sustains, heals, and educates the people who live at and visit Esalen. More than just a food source, the farm is a constant education in moving through transition and transformation.

A photograph of purple sign that says "grow" in yellow letters. The sign is in the middle of a garden full of green plants.
A photograph of a farm, showing rows of green plants in a variety of sizes and shapes. In the background, there is a structure covered in a plastic sheet and some trees.
Stewarding for the future.

We cultivate four acres of rough, dramatic marine terrace. We’re committed to the health and vitality of this land and proudly compost nearly 500 pounds of food and green waste every day to build the fertility of our soil for future generations.

Embodying farm to table.

Our produce grows a mere 400 steps from where it is served, and we take advantage of a year-round growing season to produce as much as we can for our kitchen. We specialize in culinary and tea herbs, heirloom root crops, and every variety of kale and lettuce we can find.

A photograph of a smiling man with light skin, brown hair, and a gray shirt, holding a large bunch of carrots on his shoulder.
A photograph of people working in the dirt in a large garden. In the background are tree-covered hills.
Connecting people with the land.

From Esalen guests taking part in a mindful harvest to day volunteers, there is a range of ways for visitors to engage with the earth. We aim to facilitate meaningful, relational experiences that connect people and land.

Kitchen & Dining

Our kitchen staff uses a mix of Esalen-grown produce and products from local purveyors to create delicious, nutritious, and inventive menus. While you’re with us, you’ll enjoy three hearty, healthy meals per day. Choose from vegan and omnivorous options, both gluten-free. (If your diet is stricter — paleo, keto, macrobiotic, etc. —  we will unfortunately not be able to provide a meal under those restrictions.)

To keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re not currently offering communal dining or self-serve options like our famous bread bar. Instead, you’ll stay nourished and safe with fully plated meals in disposable containers made from recycled plastics that can be enjoyed while social distancing. Try a picnic on the lawn or on the patio facing the Pacific!

Meal Times

Coffee and Tea:  7:30 – 8:00 a.m.
Breakfast:  8:30 – 9:45 a.m.
Lunch:  12:30 – 1:45 p.m.
Dinner:  6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Between Meals

Since we can't provide self-serve options right now, feel free to keep food or drinks that don't require refrigeration in your room.

A photograph of a room containing wooden tables and padded benches. A large window looks out over the ocean.
Art Barn

Note: Per county and state COVID-19 guidelines, the Art Barn is not open at this time.

Wander to the north side of campus, and you’ll find a turquoise barn adorned with an inspiring riot of sculpture, mosaic, and stained glass. On any given day, curious seekers inspired by the wild beauty of Esalen gather in the Art Barn to experiment, play, take risks, and travel one of the most ancient human paths of transformation: the creative process.

A photograph of wooden stools in lined up along a blue countertop.bottom right border
Are you ready for a deep dive into new realms of self-expression?

The Art Barn is home to year-round weekend and five-day art workshops on oil and watercolor painting, drawing, mosaic, collage, sculpture, and more.

Would you like to participate in an art class during your stay at Esalen?

Our weekly opens classes often include drawing and painting sessions led by in-house creatives — check the schedule when you arrive.

Spontaneously struck by inspiration?

When art workshops aren’t in session, the Art Barn becomes an open studio. Paper, paint, brushes, and clay are just the beginning. See what your imagination can dream up.

The Bookstore

Adjoining the Lodge at the heart of campus, the Conley Bookstore offers sweatshirts, hats, chocolate, drinks, and more.

Note: While COVID-19 is ongoing, we have new safety protocols in place:

  • The entrance, exit, and path through the bookstore are designated to ensure social distance. Follow the arrows!
  • Testers and card decks will not be available to sample.
  • We do not accept cash, to reduce points of personal contact.
A photograph of a wood-paneled room. The walls are lined with bookshelves. Through two large windows, there are trees.
two photos stacked.  Top with grass and vegetation and the bottom image showcasing a shallow river and black rocks
bottom left borderA photograph of rocky, tree-covered cliffs descending into the ocean.

The Esalen Landscape

Grounded in the wildly alive Big Sur landscape, Esalen exists in deep relationship with the forces of nature. From the transfiguring force of a wildfire to a glimpse of infinity in the night sky, Esalen honors the myriad ways that nature is our source and greatest teacher. Water flows at our heart, where three sources converge in a trinity of creation, renewal, and destruction.

Fresh Water
In the upper reaches of the canyon, a freshwater spring bubbles to the surface. The source, Porter Springs, is in the Ventana Wilderness and provides about 75% of our water.
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Hot Springs

Heated by the molten core of the earth and laden with minerals, the hot springs flow at a rate of 80 gallons per minute and emerge at a temperature of 119 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The Pacific Ocean

Esalen hovers at the edge of the Pacific. There is nothing like a clear view of the ocean to center ourselves in the unity of all things.

Note: due to dangerous ocean conditions and currents, direct access to the ocean from Esalen is prohibited.

Campus Map

The layout of Esalen’s grounds.

the esalen campus map