Darnell Lamont Walker leading Rituals Writing Workshop
Esalen's 2020 Annual Report

Esalen has always been a tricky place to summarize — how do you capture an expansive experience into a static piece of text? But anything is possible with enough creativity and love, so we are pleased to share our newly published 2020 Annual Report.

“2020 was a year of challenge and adaptation for the whole world. On both the individual and institutional level, Esalen faced roadblocks — sometimes literal ones — to our physical and emotional well-being. Thanks to the support of our generous donors, global community, and dedicated staff, we parried and shifted and evolved to find new ways of staying connected to one another and focused on our mission.”

This report is a step toward transparency. It is our intention to keep sharing what goes into running  Esalen as well as our successes, so that we can clearly express our thanks and requests for support. 

It is also a love note to our global community, to each person who has contributed their time, energy, intention, and resources to the efforts of 2020. We could not do this without you. 

Dive in and see, read and feel what 2020 was like at Esalen Institute.


Esalen Team