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The atmosphere of your first night's dinner crackles with excitement and anticipation — even though you're a "stranger", it feels oddly familiar, with a shoulder-to-shoulder conviviality — you watch people embrace, weave, and glide through the open spaces with grace, speak to the server by name, and scan the message board with a well-practiced over-the-shoulder glance, gliding through the screen door without breaking stride. They've been here a while. Or before. Or both.

You find yourself thinking . . . I could do that, be that, live that kind of life.

Welcome to Esalen. Welcome home.

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Human Potential Star Trek Style 4dIKa3P8vbU

Video drama from a 9 year old Esalen visitor.

Deepak Chopra Thanking Esalen 6oEolOe2VCM

Deepak Chopra thanking Esalen and Michael Murphy for 50 years of pioneering deep change in personal and social transformation.


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