Cara Chandler

Cara is a native Angeleno with a deep love for her roots. She is an alumnus of the LMU School of Film and Television, where she honed her skills in developing meaningful narratives. She quickly rose through the ranks of the TV industry, spending over a decade working with storytellers to find their voice and share authentic stories. 

Midway through her career, she discovered a love for yoga, mindfulness, and holistic healing. Cara offers a unique practice to support self-discovery and cultivate a mind-body connection. Her training consists of 200 HR Hatha Yoga certification, 300 HR Holistic Yoga Flow certification, ayurvedic lifestyle practices, Yoga Nidra, energy healing meditations, and a Master’s in Psychology from Pepperdine University. 

Through her teachings, students drop into their bodies, reconnect with their intuition, and are empowered with new tools to support their unique healing journey.  

Cara understands the vital practice of quieting the mind and grounding the body. She designed a practice to support self-discovery and cultivate a mind-body connection using her storytelling background in entertainment paired with yoga, meditation, and psychology-based practices.