[Live at Esalen] Entheowheel: The Ceremony and Science of Psilocybin
2021-04-23 - 2021-04-26
April 23, 2021
April 26, 2021
Jyoti Ma, Xochitl Ashe, East Forest, Millana Snow, Justin Boreta, Allan Badiner, Dream Mullick, Paul Stamets, Françoise Bourzat, MA, James Fadiman, Sachin Patel, Marisa Radha Weppner, Grace Oh, Robin Carhart-Harris, Ph.D
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“The world is not a problem to be solved; it is a living being to which we belong. Our separateness from creation lies in our forgetfulness of its sacred nature, which is also our own sacred nature.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

We live in a world where it’s easy to feel separate from ourselves, each other, the natural world, and the divine. Join us for a journey in re-membering yourself within the interconnected mycelial web of life.

Whether you’re newly curious about sacred plant medicine or want to deepen your knowledge, we’re thrilled to invite you to attend Entheowheel’s first 3-day workshop, The Ceremony & Science of Psilocybin, live streamed from Esalen.

Your guides for this Psilocybin focused experience will include:

  • Live from Esalen: Jyoti Ma, Xochitl Ashe, East Forest, Millana Snow, Justin Boreta, Allan Badiner, Dream Mullick, Grace Oh, and Radha Weppner.
  • Digitally Streaming into the Experience: Paul Stamets, Jim Fadiman, Robin Carhart Harris, Sachin Patel, Pam Krysko, and a digital transmission from Francoise Bourzat.


We invite you to come with a beginner’s mind, to….

  • Discover the ceremonies informed by psilocybin and the science that confirms the intelligence of these fungi.
  • Explore the biocultural evolution of mushrooms and humanity.
  • Cultivate your inner wisdom through holistic preparation and integration practices.
  • Experience an evolution of consciousness, shifting how you see yourself and the world.
  • Integrate ancient tools and practices into your daily life for continued and ongoing transformation.


This workshop is the first in an 8-part Entheowheel series, hosted in collaboration with Esalen Institute. Each course will focus on a different medicine – guiding participants through ancient cultural origins, ceremonial traditions and context, and integration practices, all with a trauma-informed focus.

Bridging the worlds of ceremony and science, we’ll explore the evidence for therapeutic healing with psychedelics and sacred plant medicines. We’ll embark on a series of Simulated Journeys (no medicines ingested) using effective ancient living technologies such as prayer, breath work, meditation, visualization, sound, movement, dance, ritual, and ceremony to induce a deeper state of consciousness and experience the non-ordinary ordinary reality.

To facilitate a range of practices, you will receive a blessing basket containing ceremonial items to support your journeys.


We honor the role of the guides, their lineages, and the setting in which they hold their ceremonies. Whenever possible, we work with medicine carriers from the original lineages, asking their permission and guidance and foregrounding their voices.


This course is designed to provide cultural, ceremonial and spiritual context and integration practice for future journeys. It will also introduce you to ancient technologies including breathwork and meditation that allow you to access higher states of consciousness with the natural abilities of the body. This is not a course on how to trip at home or have un-guided journeys. Out of respect for the guides and lineage holders supporting your experience, we ask you to enter into a shared agreement to not partake in any illegal substances during the course.The greatest invitation is to explore the sacred spirit and wisdom of the plants, receive the teachings and practices for best preparation, and allow the integration of the experience to be the true medicine.

The integration is the medicine. —Dream Mullick

If you’re experiencing acute physical or psychological trauma, this course may not be for you. Additional resources for support can be found here.


Since connection and community are central to this vision, the program offers a variety of ways for you to connect in cohorts, breakouts, and buddy pairings (optional).


Diversity & Inclusion: As an expression of our commitment to bridging diverse perspectives within the sacred plant medicine communities we’ve created a Visionary Scholarship fund for BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color). We offer a limited number of full scholarships for the live and live-stream events. Please apply here by 4/15/21.

Reciprocity: Indigenous tribes often model their economic and social exchanges, including their relationship with the natural world, on the concept of reciprocity. This practice recognizes the gifts we receive from the universe and offer gifts in return with gratitude. Reciprocity and our deep commitment to honoring all the influences that inform our work, is at the core of our ever-evolving model.

As an expression of this commitment, we give 10% of all revenues from the livestream to organizations committed to the preservation and conservation of sacred lands and traditional medicine lineages, including The Esselen Tribe’s land restoration initiative (honoring the lands of the Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation on which this gathering takes place).


  • Preparation call prior to the retreat, designed to welcome you into relationship with the ceremonial space, orient you to the science, and support you in preparing for a non-ordinary experience.
  • A land blessing to honor the land. Live stream participants will use ceremonial items from the Blessing Basket to bless the land where you are.
  • Fire ceremony and fireside chat led by wisdom-holders Paul Stamets, Jyoti Ma, Xochitl Ashe sharing stories about their relationships with mushroom medicine
  • Sound and somatic practice sessions focused on embodiment practices, breath work, visualization, and meditation.
  • Daily simulated journey offering guidance into the portals of altered states. (Jyoti Ma & Xochitl, Justin Boreta & Millana Snow, East Forest).
  • Earth altar building with Grace Oh, guiding an exploration of rituals and practices for altar building from natural materials.
  • Sessions weaving together ceremony and science with: Jyoti Ma, Xochitl Ashe, Robin Carhart-Harris, James Fadiman, Pam Kryskow, Sachin Patel and more.
  • Q&As and breakout sessions following all educational and experiential sessions to foster integration and connection with the community.
  • Follow-up calls to support integration after the workshop ends.


Françoise Bourzat’s Consciousness Medicine is highly suggested pre-reading/listening. James Fadiman and Paul Stamets’ books are also excellent references.

If you purchase your books through this link, 10% of your purchase is donated to Tree Sisters for the replanting of trees. Entheowheel does not receive any revenue from the purchase.


We gratefully thank our event sponsors… MAPS, Auryn Fund, Elana Horwich, Hearthstone Collective, Zendo Project, Aja.life, Living Proof Institute, RiverStyx Foundation, and DOUBLE BLIND Magazine.

Artwork by Autumn Skye 

Jyoti Ma (live)

Jyoti Ma is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher. She has devoted her life to bringing unity to the planet by facilitating the development of alliances between individuals who are the guardians of indigenous culture and traditional medicine ways. Through this work, collaborative relationships with organizations that are focused on economic, social and environmental solutions have developed, creatively addressing the global challenges of our times.

Xochitl Ashe (live)

A trained herbalist with deep indigenous roots, Xochiti (So-chil) Asho is a wise facilitator of economic projects because she 'aligns' them with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Initiated at the age of sixteen in her Peruvian healing traditions, she has been a conduit for sacred medicines and herbs for twenty years. She works with transformational cacao and mushroom ceremonies in Mexico, especially attending to generational trauma.

East Forest

East Forest combines modern sound healing techniques with ancient indigenous wisdom to create a form of "musical technology" that NPR calls “just blissful.” He performs widely from TED to Grace Cathedral, and his collaborations include Ram Dass, MC YOGI, and Trevor Hall.

Millana Snow

Millana is a leading voice in wellness and a trusted source to a diverse global community of clients. As a woman of color with Afro-Latina/Panamanian, mid-western and British roots she speaks to an audience as diverse as her background. As a wellness entrepreneur and healer she has carved out a unique and modern path for her mission of deep healing and connection for everyone, everywhere.

Justin Boreta

Justin Boreta is a member of The Glitch Mob, a beat-driven electronic group that has been touring for more than a decade performing around the world at festivals including: Coachella, Burning Man, Lollapolooza, Reading & Leeds and Bonnaroo. Boreta has collaborated with the spiritual teacher Ram Dass and Alan Watts on guided meditations and was recently nominated for a 2021 Grammy for Best New Age Album.

Allan Badiner (live)

Allan Badiner is the editor of Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics, Dharma Gaia: A Harvest in Buddhism and Ecology, and Mindfulness in the Marketplace. He is also a contributing editor of Tricycle magazine and co-producer of the Entheowheel series.

Dream Mullick (live)

Dream Mullick is a teacher, writer and producer of film and other socially conscious endeavors. Her magic expands consciousness through social impact campaigns, documentaries, and transformative — personally and collectively — educational curriculums.  Her latest envisioned jewel is entheowheel. Entheowheel weaves ceremony and science bridging ancient and contemporary spiritual teachings inviting in practices for deeper preparation, ceremony, and integration of future psychedelic experiences.

Paul Stamets (virtual)

Paul Stamets, speaker, author, mycologist, medical researcher and entrepreneur, is considered an intellectual and industry leader in fungi: habitat, medicinal use, and production. He lectures extensively to deepen the understanding and respect for the organisms that literally exist under every footstep taken on this path of life showing how mushrooms can help the health of people and the planet. His central premise is that habitats have immune systems, just like people, and mushrooms are cellular bridges between the two. He is the author of many books, including Mycelium Running.

Françoise Bourzat, MA (digital transmission)

Françoise Bourzat holds a MA in Somatic Psychology and is a counselor in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has practiced and guided ceremonies for the last 30 years in collaboration with healers in Huautla de Jimenez, Mexico. She teaches both at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and online courses, and has lectured all over the world. She is the author of Consciousness Medicine.

James Fadiman (virtual)

James Fadiman, PhD, led Esalen’s first psychedelic weekend in 1961. He has been exploring microdosing since 2010. He has taught at 4 universities and published a variety of books including textbooks, professional books, a self-help book, a novel, and a produced play. Recent book Your Symphony of Selves: Discover and Understand More of Who We Are (with Jordan Gruber).

Sachin Patel (virtual)

Sachin Patel is a father, husband, functional medicine practice success coach, speaker, and author. He is committed to helping others raise their consciousness, activate their inner doctor, and initiate their deepest healing through the use of lifestyle, breathwork, and a respectful approach to sacred plant medicines. Sachin founded The Living Proof Institute, pioneering a revolutionary approach to patient-centered healthcare through which he coaches hundreds of practitioners around the world.

Marisa Radha Weppner

Mother, teacher, author, DJ, community organizer, life coach, podcaster, entrepreneur, Radha has taught yoga and meditation since 2002. She uses her graduate degree in transpersonal psychology and life coaching to bring a real-world mix of eastern and western spirituality and psychology to her teachings for self-empowerment and transformation and specializes in Yoga Psychology, Yoga History + Philosophy, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Self-Awakening Yoga.

Grace Oh (live)

Grace is a multi-disciplinary vibrational artist with practices in Sound Healing, Visual Arts, Healing with Foods, Reiki and Yoga. She has developed a unique lifestyle and practice of integrating multi-modalities of communicating healing artistry over the last 24 years of study and practice, with plant medicines playing an integral role in her journey as a facilitator.

Robin Carhart-Harris, Ph.D (virtual)

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris obtained his PhD in Psychopharmacology from the University of Bristol and an MA in Psychoanalysis from Brunel University. At his current post at the Imperial College London, Robin designed human brain imaging studies with LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and DMT. His areas of research also include a clinical trial of psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression, an ongoing trial comparing psilocybin with escitalopram for major depressive disorder and a multimodal imaging study in healthy volunteers receiving psilocybin for the first time. Robin founded and heads the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial, the first of its kind in the world. He holds an honorary position with the University of Oxford.

Pam Kryskow (virtual)

Dr. Pam Kryskow is a clinical instructor in the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Specializing in alleviating the complex modality of pain, she successfully synthesizes her training in family, rural, emergency, pain, counselling and functional medicine. Her wealth of experience in conventional medicine augmented by her deep knowledge on the safe use of MDMA, psilocybin and other psychedelics, places her at the forefront of this new, rapidly emerging paradigm. Her specialized interest and research in the applicability of microdosing has proven formulative in this growing practice.

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Fri April 16 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm - Preparation Call

Fri April 23 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Sat April 24 7:30 am - 10:00 pm
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