Xochitl Ashe

Xochitl (So-chil) Ashe, a fifth generation medicine woman in the healing traditions of her Peruvian ancestral lineage, has worked with sacred plant medicines since the age of 16. For the past 23 years she apprenticed under her Godfather, a Mazatec Medicine Man of the ancient tradition of healing with the "Nti-si tho" "Santitos" or Psilocybin mushrooms. ​She is a professionally trained herbalist and specializes in the ceremonial use of Cacao and Psilocybin Mushrooms.

In her practice, Xochitl focuses on the healing of generational trauma and the ways in which that trauma impairs our ability to thrive, create wealth, and have a positive impact on the world. ​​She is the founder of Magical Medicine Journeys, an Indigenous women-owned retreat company, that offers legal Mazatec Psilocybin Mushroom Retreats in Mexico. Xochitl’s mission is to honor the traditional indigenous knowledge and ceremony of sacred plant medicine and provide the most authentic and powerful life changing experiences.

Xochitl (So-chil) Ashe is a trained herbalist with deep indigenous roots. Initiated at the age of sixteen in her Peruvian healing traditions, she has been a conduit for sacred medicines and herbs for twenty years. She works with transformational cacao and mushroom ceremonies in Mexico, especially attending to generational trauma.

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