Terry Gilbey
General Manager and CEO

Terry Gilbey is a seasoned executive who has worked in both for profit and nonprofit organizations leading change, bringing stability, and empowering organizations to step into their full potential. While his primary focus has been solving complex problems within organizations and teams, he also has started companies from the ground up.

Terry retired from the corporate world 10 years ago and first came to Esalen as a work scholar. He later returned as an extended student, and then remained on with a handful of community members during the Institute's closure due to mudslides and a bridge replacement on Highway 1 in 2017. At that time, he worked in the Esalen Kitchen and supported the management team as they worked through the complex task of re-opening.

Terry was named General Manager to oversee and support daily operations and, in stepped into the CEO role in January 2018, taking responsibility for Esalen's programming, HE, and communications.. Terry strives to maintain an attitude of continual learning, leadership trustworthiness, and personal authenticity.

He has experience and a proven track record in transforming organizations, projects, and people through a focus on continuous improvement, integration, and adoption of industry best practices and processes, effective team-building and collaboration, customer satisfaction, financial responsibility, and cross-functional relationships.

Having lived and worked in multiple regions of Europe, North America, and Asia, Terry also values how geographic and cultural diversity can broaden perspective and strengthen a team.