William Donius

Bill spent 30 years in corporate America in a number of industries, including health care, television production, and banking. He rose through the ranks to become chairman and CEO of Pulaski Bank in St Louis, growing it eight-fold to $1.4 billion in assets. He serves on a number of boards including the St. Louis Art Museum, Maryville University, and Venture Cafe, and served a two-year term on the U.S. Federal Reserve Board as a banker appointee.

Bill was a left-brainer — linear, analytical, logical — for most of his life. Twenty years ago, however, he discovered how to tap into his right brain and it revolutionized his life. He gained important insights into his personal life and was able to apply his new skills to his professional life. Curious whether his approach could apply to others, he departed banking. He interviewed hundreds of test subjects to determine if they could apply his methodology to break through barriers and gain insights about both their personal and professional lives. The stories he gathered led to his New York Times best-selling book, Thought Revolution, which dispels the mystique of creativity and intuition. Today, he facilitates sessions for organizations to help them break through conventional thinking to problem solve and innovate more effectively.