Nancy Lunney-Wheeler

Nancy Lunney-Wheeler, M.A., is known around the world as a pioneering leader in lifelong and integral education for personal and social transformation. From 1981-2010 she served as the director of programming at Esalen, where she continues to serve as a senior advisor. During those years Nancy set curriculum criteria, and organized, staffed, and brought to fruition some 15,000 residential courses, offered by Esalen and guest faculty to over 300,000 students.

Nancy has a professional background in music theater as a vocal coach and accompanist, as well as graduate qualification as a licensed marriage and family therapist. Over the years she has combined these two passions in teaching programs that make use of music and song to deepen personal growth experience. During the past decade she has made an intensive study of the integrative methodology of systemic constellations to complement her long training and practice in gestalt therapy.

She and her husband Gordon Wheeler are both longtime members of Esalen’s Board of Trustees, and travel widely for the Institute.