Ellen Watson

Ellen Watson arrived at Esalen in 1984, needing healing of mind, body, spirit, psyche, feelings, and thoughts. Immediately, Ellen found freedom to explore all avenues available at Esalen and moved from seminarian to work scholar to staff while studying the practices she continues to offer today. Ellen is on the faculty of Esalen Massage & Bodywork, and she offers programs on Ellen-Watson.com. Ellen is certified in 5Rhythms® Dance Meditation and the Vibrance Collective practices, and she continues to offer retreats, certification trainings in Touching Essence™, Esalen Massage, Vibrance Song and Dance Practice, Vibrance Breathwork, and Pranayama.

Ellen Watson fell in love with both the breath and her breath when first at Esalen in the 1980s. During the ensuing years, studying breath became a focus in all that she studied. In addition to enhancing self-awareness, breath informs all the practices that Ellen teaches at Esalen today. Among these practices are Esalen Massage & Bodywork, 5Rhythms®, Touching Essence, The Vibrance Collective Practices.