Making a Path for the New Year
Esalen Team
January 1, 2017

Seeking a way to step more intentionally into this new year? Esalen’s Residential Education Coordinator Crystal Farmer shares her tips for celebrating the path ahead by acknowledging the many gifts you already have…

Goals give us direction. They put a powerful force into play on a conscious and subconscious level. But as we dream up what’s next and draw up lists of changes and to-dos for a new you, I will share the strongest magic I have discovered: which is that gratitude should come first. A friend of mine calls it closing the manifestation loop. Whatever you name it, gratitude plays a key role in the power and potential of our manifestation magic.

Why? Being in a state of gratitude allows us to quiet our egos, that voice of doubt, attachment, presumption which is silenced by a perspective of gratefulness!  The first step in achieving new goals and dreams is actually acknowledging the gifts you have already received.  This includes the things that went really well, but not forgetting the lessons learned (losses, changes, and challenges). The perspective we choose in how to see our past opportunities for insight and growth will also have an impact on our resilience in the challenges ahead.

Celebrate it all as a part of your path.

Step One
Creating a sense of self-acceptance to start from is a powerful foundation. All the knowledge you have gained in the last 13 moons are building blocks for your future. Acknowledge what didn’t go so well, say thanks and let it go!

Step Two
Now, with a clean slate you can more easily focus in on just a few important objectives.  Along with them, consider ways to integrate self-care into your plans. Taking care of yourself allows you to be your best self, to show up for others better, and to feel more fulfilled in life.

Step Three
Just like choosing your top few priorities so you know what’s important, you need to know what you’re NOT going to focus on, too.  This will help you say no to things that will distract you, hinder your progress, or muddy the waters. Clarity is important, not to dwell in the negative but to support you as you move through each day with a myriad of choices to make.

As the year progresses remember that life happens and planning to be flexible and keep an open mind can lead you through detours that may end up more worthwhile than the direct route you charted.  Remember to work with what comes, maybe even around it but don’t dismay when things don’t flow exactly as envisioned.  Search for the good in everything that comes!  Squint if you must, but everything is better if you can see the silver lining.

Step Four
Write it down. Get some paper, maybe even some colored pencils, and write it all down – as an affirmation of you, your free will, and your ability to choose.  See your life as a beautiful and sacred journey.

So as you look forward to the path you chart for your new year, remember to honor what has been. Celebrate your human experience and look back at last year thankful for all the stepping stones that already led you HERE to this perfect moment.


Esalen Team