Healing through Song
Esalen Team
March 1, 2016

This year’s Benefit Weekend will feature performances by a variety of artists including award-winning vocalist Geeta Novotny (http://www.geetanovotny.com). Geeta, which means song of life in Hindi, is a musician and classical singer who has performed at Carnegie Hall and The Metropolitan Opera House. Today she maintains a voice studio in Los Angeles and offers a unique Vocal Immersion Sound Bath experience that promotes healing and wellness.

“My methodology is based on my philosophy that the voice is one of our greatest sources of healing inside and out,” observed Geeta, who will be assisting a workshop with Ira Israel at Esalen in April. “When we communicate, our voices can heal ourselves through self-expression. I believe they also carry a unique vibrational energy that when conveyed a certain way can transform us.” Geeta has invented a practice whereby she harnesses the power of her singing voice with quartz bowls to promote wellness. Within this experience, she credits the symphony of sounds as having healing properties that can reduce stress and address chronic illness. “We can feel it,” she added, “Emotions have vibrational energy. By bringing balance we can focus more on our lives and our purpose.”

Last September, Geeta was first introduced to Esalen through Ira’s workshop where she performed a sound bath for seminarians with her voice and crystal singing bowls. “I had heard about Esalen, and it seemed like a magical place. I felt pulled there,” she said. “On Saturday evening we conducted an impromptu concert in the Lodge. The whole dining room became so quiet. Everybody was listening to the sound bath. I felt so honored. It was a very transcendent experience.”

As a child, Geeta suffered from chronic asthma and struggled with breathing. She also recalls being quite shy and having trouble expressing herself. “Singing saved my life,” said Geeta. “It taught me how to breathe correctly, center myself, and communicate my passions. I eventually healed myself through this practice and turned my pain into my purpose. I also had an amazing mother who wouldn’t allow me to be limited.” Today Geeta is a mother herself and credits her own daughter on starting her on the path of healing through song. “Singing to my daughter, I realized how much it affected her. There’s something so powerful about singing.”

This year’s Benefit Weekend will be held October 14-16, 2016 and will feature mini-workshops, performances by artists like Geeta, and a special ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the completion of the Lodge restoration. Visit http://http://www.esalen.org/2016BenefitWeekend for updates.


Esalen Team