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Planning Your Visit

We look forward to your stay with us! Esalen is located approximately 45 miles from the nearest major city. This isolation and tranquility can deepen the experience possible during a stay at Esalen, yet can be a significant change in environment for many guests.

To help you plan your visit to Esalen, please take a moment to review the following:

Phone Service

Due to our remote location, there is no cell phone service at Esalen and most guest rooms do not have telephones. There are pay phones on the property which require quarters, a calling card, or a prepaid minutes plan. We do not have an ATM on our campus, and recommend that you bring cash or change with you if you don’t have a calling card or minutes plan.

Internet Access

Guests are welcome to use two public computers with Internet access located adjacent to the Conley Bookstore. A public wireless network is also available in the Lodge outside of meal hours. To preserve the communal atmosphere of the Lodge and encourage live conversation and connection during meals, the network is turned off 15 minutes before meals begin, and will remain off for 15 minutes after service ends. Due to the very limited bandwidth available in Big Sur, we ask guests to refrain from use of any video or audio streaming services.

Receiving Messages During Your Stay

If you are unable to use one of our public computer terminals or the wireless network in the Lodge to receive messages electronically, messages may be left by phone. Dial 888-837-2536 and select option one to speak directly with a Guest Services representative, or option five to leave a message. Messages will be transcribed and posted on a central message board. In case of a true emergency outside of normal business hours, dial 831-667-3023.

Health Services

In case of emergency, Esalen can provide basic first aid and can coordinate emergency medical services. Due to our remote location, we recommend that you bring any needed medications with you. The nearest emergency room is approximately one hour away. 


Esalen is able to accept cash, credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Please bring sufficient funds for incidentals, as Esalen does not have an ATM, nor are we able to cash checks. We cannot charge items to your room, so please have a form of payment with you to make purchases.


Esalen is a non-smoking community. Smoking is not permitted in any accommodations, meeting rooms, or other indoor spaces.


If you will be staying in shared accommodations, please come prepared with nose guards, ear plugs, etc. to use in the event that you or your roommate/s snore.


To limit the impact on our land, camping is not available at Esalen.

Large Vehicles

Please note that Esalen does not have parking space for large vehicles on the campus. Large vehicles need to park on Highway 1 at the Esalen entrance.


Other than animals in service, pets are not allowed on the property.

Guests as Volunteers

Esalen is a learning community made up of guests, students, staff and volunteers. A variety of contributions go toward enhancing this community. Guests contribute to this in many ways, including making their beds and bussing their dishes. Volunteers are also welcome in such areas as the Esalen Kitchen and the Esalen Farm & Garden to feel more connected with our community and our land. Please check our Experiential Program schedule for more information.

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