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Gazebo School Park

Thank you for visiting Gazebo Park School at Esalen. Founded in 1977 by teacher and former Esalen Director Janet Lederman, the vision behind Gazebo was an experience “designed with the educational goal of maximizing the full use of the child's growing body, unfolding intelligence, and soaring imagination.”

Today Gazebo’s spirit lives on in Big Sur Park School. After securing an agreement with Esalen, Big Sur Park School is a 501(c)(3) early childhood program serving the local Big Sur community with year-round care for children ages two to six on-site at Esalen.

Exploration, inquiry and a strong connection with the natural world are key components of Big Sur Park School’s programs. Confidence, resilience, and social-emotional awareness are cultivated through a relational, child-centered learning approach and an emergent curriculum. Learning opportunities are varied and abundant, supporting the child’s development and expression according to his or her natural unfolding.

For more information please visit or contact info@bigsurparkschool.




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