Daria Halprin

With her mother Anna Halprin, she first came to Esalen to work with Fritz Perls  in the 1960s and returned as a workshop leader in 1975. The Halprin work was innovative in situating movement/dance and expressive arts as an approach to healing for individuals and communities.

Daria co-founded Tamalpa Institute where she directs training programs The Life/Art Process®. She has served on faculty at European Graduate School (Switzerland, Malta), CIIS, JFK, Alanus University, and UC Berkeley, as a keynote presenter at numerous conferences, in educational, health, and art centers throughout the world.

Published writings include Principles and Practices in Expressive Arts Therapy (1999), The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy (2003); Dance, Somatics and Spirituality, (2014).

As a dancer, poet, educator, author, and therapist, Daria Halprin is a leader in the field of somatic movement/expressive arts education and therapy. Co-founder and director of Tamalpa Institute, she leads workshops and training programs internationally.

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