The Essence of Soul, The Anatomy of Being: An Embodied Exploration of Consciousness
May 16–20, 2022
May 16, 2022
May 20, 2022
with Gitanjali Hemp
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Open to the mystery and remember the truth of who you are, as an integral part of a greater whole. Join Gitanjali Hemp, creator and founder of the Syntara System School of Energy Awareness, in this transformative exploration of what it means to inhabit our bodies while exploring consciousness — both our own and that of the greater collective.

Culturally, we don’t have a lot of language or construct for the unseen realms, and this has left us disconnected from our true potency and magic as human beings. Often this leaves us recreating conditions handed down from previous generations or patterned from experiences in our past, rather than seeking our path. Liberating ourselves from these outdated ways of being — while remembering, discovering, and unlocking our unique gifts — is a loving contribution and service to ourselves, our families, our communities, and ultimately the world.

In this experiential workshop, you will learn to use ancient practices and innovative frameworks to integrate the sacred with the mundane in your daily life in grounded, meaningful, and practical ways. These practices will allow you to be a powerful and compassionate co-creator of the world we know is possible.

Some of the techniques we will use are:

  • Meditation and visualization
  • Transmission teachings
  • Energy work
  • Subtle body movement
  • Breathwork
  • Journaling
  • Partner work
  • Group discussion

We will engage in ceremony and connection with Nature and Land to embody our essence nature, arriving more fully in the truth of who we are while in community and connection with the world around us. This renews us, allowing us to remember our belonging, and draws us into a dance with the paradox of surrender to the unknowable and the clarity of understanding.  

Some of the frameworks shared will include:

  • The Torus: the fundamental energy pattern of all creation.
  • The Aspects of Being: a structural map of our ephemeral nature.
  • The 4 States of Consciousness: a simple model to presence and partner with our awareness and mindfully transform our perceptual state.
  • Resonant Stories: a framework that grants access to the intersection of our soul lineage with our ancestral lines, paradoxically rooting us more firmly in the present.

Our days will follow a nourishing schedule of experiential practices woven together with refined structural teachings, delicious meals, community connection, soaks in the healing waters, and reciprocity with the nature spirits and land.

This work is accessible enough for beginners while being nuanced enough for those more advanced on the path. Join us!

Gitanjali Hemp

Gitanjali Hemp

Gitanjali is a Master energy healer, visionary mystic and the founder of Syntara System. There is nothing she loves more than helping people awaken to the magic of creation and fully embody their unique brilliance, in service to the whole.

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