Revitalize Your Purpose through Forest Bathing
June 11–13, 2021
June 11, 2021
June 13, 2021
Sylvie Rokab
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“Forest bathing” is the translation of Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese practice of mindfully experiencing nature through the senses. Since becoming an official practice in Japan in the 1980s, hundreds of studies around the world have shown evidence for what wisdom and indigenous traditions have said for millennia: that communion with nature improves our physical health, strengthens our immune system, elevates our mood and cognition, and heightens creativity and problem-solving.

During this special weekend, nature therapy guide and filmmaker Sylvie Rokab will guide you to deepen your bond with Esalen’s land, waters, and other natural beings – with invitations that help you clarify and connect to your most sacred life purpose.

What does Nature/ the Cosmos have in store for your life today? What yearns to be birthed through you? How to heal and release what stands in your way?

Join us in this deep partnership with the more-than-human world at Esalen to help you identify and dissolve the obstacles towards manifesting your life purpose – and (re)discover the beauty of your uniqueness, talents, and gifts that only you can offer to the world – at a time ripe for new beginnings, blossoms, and global transformation.

Participants often share that their stress dissolves, confusion lifts, hearts open, emotions surface, ideas spring — and they take home a renewed sense of connection, meaning and purpose in their lives.

Sylvie will share a link to her award-winning film Love Thy Nature in advance with an invitation to join a 45-min Q&A with her via zoom a week prior to the workshop.

Sylvie Rokab

Sylvie Rokab

Sylvie Rokab, MA, is an award-winning filmmaker and director of Love Thy Nature, narrated by Liam Neeson. She is a nature therapy guide trained with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. Sylvie seeks to inspire a diverse audience to transform their relationship with nature and ignite a desire to protect our vital and spellbinding more-than-human world.

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