Radical Aliveness in COVID Times
June 7–11, 2021
June 7, 2021
June 11, 2021
Ann Bradney
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We are in unprecedented times. The world is calling for us to listen, and to change. For us to be radically alive. 

When you are radically alive, you are fearless. You are prepared for anything you might learn about yourself or about others. You are fully creative and able to navigate life in all its possibilities. You become a force of nature, a presence that helps life’s greatest potential to emerge.

In this 5-day workshop, you will:

  • Learn and work from the Principles of Radical Aliveness
  • Discover the power and wisdom of your deepest feelings
  • Explore relating to others in Radically alive ways
  • Work with conflict and differences as a pathway to deeper knowing of yourself and others
  • Take risks that allow new energy and awareness into your life
  • Use this laboratory to practice being in life in all of its complexity

The RA process may be unlike any work you have done before, demanding courage, committed engagement with others, and a strong desire to discover and develop yourself in an accelerated, intense timeframe and setting. In this precious time and space, we'll unearth the feelings that keep us from living fully, so we can understand and integrate them. Differences and conflicts become doorways to our deepest presence, and we can live the life we long for in ways that create healing.

This will be a socially distanced, indoor/outdoor, non-touching, radically transformative workshop. Radical Aliveness was made for these times. Come, let’s create a new world together.

Due to the nature of this work, an interview is required if you have not experienced it before. Please contact christina@radicalaliveness.org.

Come prepared for adventure! Due to social-distancing requirements and in accordance with Monterey County and California state guidance, Esalen will be hosting all workshops and open classes in some indoor space, modified indoor-outdoor spaces, covered outdoor spaces, and outdoors. Please come prepared with warm, layered clothing, as well as wet weather gear in case Mother Nature blesses us with rain during your stay. Workshops will be held in a covered space with heaters, and may move back and forth from outdoor spaces into covered/indoor spaces.

Ann Bradney

Ann Bradney

Ann Bradney, CPRA, is the founder and director of the Radical Aliveness Institute. The Radical Aliveness model is a distinct approach to working with groups and individuals that addresses healing on the personal, interpersonal and systemic levels.

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COVID Update

Masks are no longer mandated indoors or outdoors, except during massage sessions. Guests are not required to provide testing or vaccination verification before arriving on campus. Please read our COVID safety guidelines prior to booking your stay.

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