Mindfulness and Self-Compassion to Rewire Your Brain for Calm, Clarity, and Joy
May 31 – June 4, 2021
May 31, 2021
June 4, 2021
Shauna Shapiro
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Dr. Shauna Shapiro — a leading scientist studying the effects of mindfulness and self-compassion on well-being — will teach you the most powerful, science-based practices to live a happier, healthier, more meaningful life. Learn basic brain science and get a clear roadmap for decreasing anxiety and stress, boosting creativity, and strengthening your sense of belonging and purpose. 

Each day we will engage in meditative practices to cultivate greater mindfulness and self-compassion. We will also engage in practices to cultivate  joy and a greater sense of connection. In addition we will practice daily mindful walking in nature and mindful movement (gentle enough for all). Science demonstrates that these practices can re-architect the very structure of your brains for greater calm, clarity, and joy.

This workshop is appropriate for anyone curious about mindfulness, self-compassion and how to deepen our connection with the beauty and mystery of life. All are welcome.

Recommended Reading: Shapiro, S. (2020) Good Morning, I love you: Mindfulness + Self-Compassion Practices to Rewire the Brain for Calm, Clarity + JoySounds True, Boulder, CO.

Shauna Shapiro

Shauna Shapiro

Shauna Shapiro, PhD, is a professor, scientist, and author of three critically acclaimed books. She is an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness and compassion and has lectured for the King of Thailand, the Danish government, and the World Council of Psychotherapy as well as Fortune 500 companies including Google, LinkedIn, Cisco.

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