Leading With the Heart: Standing in Our Authentic Power
August 12–14, 2022
August 12, 2022
August 14, 2022
with Dr. Deborah Egerton
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Join Dr. Deborah Egerton for this exploration into how to lead from the heart when faced with life’s challenges. Find your place in the rehabilitation of our humanity through love, light, and connection.

Setting aside binary thinking and the assignment of stereotypical roles, we come together to honor and explore the totality of the energies that allow us to be our authentic selves rather than a version of ourselves. The authentic self rises when we let go of the flawed dualistic mindset that our feminine energy provides only nurturing support and our masculine energy is our source of power and strength. Understanding how to access the totality of our being is to embrace the guiding force of love that resides within. In Leading From The Heart, participants will step into their true power. Together we will explore concepts that are often foreign to the feminine — how to bypass the heart in an attempt to demonstrate strength and avoid exposing ourselves as leaders to the undesirable types of vulnerability.

This workshop is designed to provide a guided exploration into the center of our being by identifying our three centers of intelligence, thus gaining access to and realignment with the heart center. Participants can expect to uncover what “gets in the way” of finding compassion for themselves and others when faced with real-life conflict. Together we will cultivate the skills and awareness for true connection and for presence to lead with our hearts.

Participants will:

  • Explore the Humanity Mosaic as a method for acknowledging, honoring, and celebrating our individual identity and discover how it can reveal our blindspots.
  • Connect with one another in group discussions to experience how actions, behaviors, and beliefs can be the result of unexplored trauma and early influences, and find ways to address the root causes of our patterns of behavior.
  • Share experiences that allow us to see when we may be dropping into toxic behaviors and reactions and learn how they can provide a wake-up call to manage our responses to disconnects.
  • Participate in group discussions to uncover what is blocking us from accessing compassion and understanding during conflict or patterns of unconscious judgment and find ways to lead with the heart when faced with future challenges.
  • Experience a safe and open space to find balance through reflection and strength through vulnerability.

We are faced with so many divides and disconnects because we have forgotten how to maintain contact with our true hearts. We have left behind the messages of love, kindness, and understanding taught to us by our ancestors, parents, teachers, pastors, rabbis, spiritual leaders, and counselors, and replaced them with self-preservation, isolation, and judgment—”me and mine” versus “us and ours”. As we dive into the inner work, we will discuss how we have fallen into pre-programed patterns of responding to challenges and explore the “roadblocks” each of us face when accessing the heart space. The unique approach of finding the root cause of our judgment, biased beliefs, and possibly inequitable value systems allows participants to apply what they’ve learned to real-world scenarios and take action in their lives to reconnect across any division they may be facing by leading with the heart.

Dr. Deborah Egerton

Dr. Deborah Egerton

Dr. Deborah Egerton, Founder of Trinity Transition Consultants, is an internationally respected psychotherapist and executive coach. "Dr. E", as she is affectionately known, is an inspirational Enneagram JEDI (justice, equality, diversity, inclusion) who teaches the value of the Enneagram for introspective self-discovery.

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