Evolutionary Embodiment: Living Inspired, Aligned, and Empowered
August 20–22, 2021
August 20, 2021
August 22, 2021
with Jeffrey Williams and Swirl Jordan Moore
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“Transformation is not something that changes you, it is something that reveals you.” – Jeffrey Williams

How do you find certainty in times of uncertainty?

How do you activate that certainty in your body and in your life?

Join Jeffrey Williams and Swirl Jordan Moore to unlock your most powerful gifts and align your beliefs, actions, and values.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make sense of what is going on in your life through your values.
  • How uncomfortable symptoms and situations are trying to guide you to a better self.
  • How to reduce stress and generate vitality for balance in spirit, mind, and body.

You will explore creating ‘peak experiences’ through movement, breath, and sound, including:

  • Life Alignment: Allow what you love most to guide you to determine and connect with what drives your decisions and actions through what you value most.
  • EDGU: A self-empowering evolutionary spinal maintenance practice that gently exercises the intervertebral disks to maintain their inherent cushioning and pliability. Happy spines contribute to happy minds.
  • INU: A unique practice that involves dynamic movement, energizing breathing, and authentic vocal expression to move physical and mental stagnation. Feel alive from head to toe.

These strategies and practices will help you navigate stressful times, battle burnout, and boost vitality Combined with the inspiring Esalen environment, you’ll be buzzing with pure life energy.

Jeffrey Williams

Jeffrey Williams

Jeffrey Williams is the founder of Lifestyles of Light and Vitalist Institute. He is a multi-disciplinary transformation artist teaching and facilitating through movement, breath and sound, and self-governance since 1999.

Swirl Jordan Moore

Swirl Jordan Moore

Swirl Jordan Moore, SWIRL LIFE founder and teacher/guide/facilitator at the Vitalist Institute has been leading people through self love to full expression for eight years.

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