Esalen Healing Arts Presents: Moon Lodge Honoring the Sacred Feminine Sisterhood
June 18–20, 2021
June 18, 2021
June 20, 2021
with Lucia Horan, Dr. Julie Von and Esalen Healing Arts
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Join us as we journey into an exploration of ritual healing for women. What is your relationship to the feminine and her wisdom? How empowered do you feel as a woman navigating this world? This retreat welcomes any person who identifies as a Woman+.

This workshop is focused on celebrating the body of Woman+ and the sacred feminine within. Through ritual practices, we will share in the sisterhood of humanity and all that it encompasses. We will engage in moving and seated meditation, self-care, Women(+)’s health fundamentals, and sharing circles. We will learn skills that support our empowerment, inner balance, and well-being during and after the time of this pandemic. These practices act as a poultice for old wounds while at the same time celebrate our present earthly bodies.

Dr Julie Von will share powerful, practical techniques to balance your nervous system and identify the unresolved wounds that might be keeping you in a constant state of reaction and stagnation, freeing your creativity and intuition. Lucia Horan leads us in a movement practice that combines stillness of Buddhist mindfulness with the moving mediation of dance to access and transform our bodies.

All practices taught will be directly applicable to bringing home and implementing into your daily life.

Lucia Horan

Lucia Horan

Lucia Horan was born and raised in the Esalen community. She has been teaching since 1998. Lucia received life-long direct training with Gabrielle Roth in the 5Rhythms® method. She is formally empowered to teach Buddha dharma in all capacities. Her unique perspectives on insight have been published in the book Dancing with Dharma: Essays on Movement And Dance in Western Buddhism.

Dr. Julie Von

Dr. Julie Von

Dr. Julie Von is a Manhattan based holistic doctor specializing in fertility. At a young age, Julie began apprenticing with healers, shaman and doctors around the world. Julie became one of the youngest people in the US to study Chinese medicine. Her unique capacity and experience within both reproductive medicine and medical intuition makes her an extraordinary advocate for her clients. Julie’s work has been called evocative, eloquent, mystical and practical. Dr Von's book on spirituality and fertility, published by Hay House, was released in 2019.

Esalen Healing Arts

Esalen Healing Arts

With a legacy of providing personal growth offerings for our guests and creating some of the world’s best body therapies, Esalen Healing Arts supports and furthers the mission of Esalen Institute by expanding upon ways people across the world can access and experience the unique and growing array of educational programs, professional services and transformative experiences.

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Masks are no longer mandated indoors or outdoors, except during massage sessions. Guests are not required to provide testing or vaccination verification before arriving on campus. Please read our COVID safety guidelines prior to booking your stay.

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