Accommodations at Esalen

Esalen is an ideal setting to reconnect with yourself or your partner and your environment. With this in mind, our guest rooms do not include televisions, alarm clocks, phones, cell phone reception, or internet access. (Phones and internet are available in our Point Houses.) We encourage you to register early for the best selection of accommodations.

For more information about ADA accessible accommodations and to make a request, please contact Guest Services at 831-667-3000.

Please note that:

   •  Towels, bath soap, and bed linens are provided.
   •  There are no hairdryers or other toiletries in the rooms, though most necessities can be purchased in the bookstore.
   •  You may request a particular room or location on the property, and we do our best to meet your requests but cannot guarantee that your preferences can be accommodated.

Our workshop tuition includes accommodations, meals, guided program classes and use of the baths and other facilities. Workshop pricing may vary and some may have additional fees. Please see the workshop description for more information.

Click Register from any workshop page to see availability of accommodations, accommodations photos and specific pricing.

Accommodation Types

Standard (includes Standard Private, Standard Couple - One Bed, Standard Couple - Two Beds)

Surrender yourself to the natural and restorative beauty of Big Sur.

Our one-bedrooms are for one or two people, and feature a queen-size bed with private bathroom. Standard Couple rooms with two beds are for two people, and have two double-size beds with private bathroom. Most standard accommodations do not have a balcony.

Premium Room

Our Premium rooms offer an extraordinary relaxation experience where you can let go, breathe and simply be.

The soul-stirring beauty of Big Sur and Esalen awaits you with tranquil forest and ocean views, and the vibrant beauty of our colorful garden. Enjoy a restful night’s sleep on a luxurious queen bed in an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Premium rooms feature:

   •  Ocean, forest, and/or the views of our vibrant garden depending upon the room location.
   •  Upgraded bathrooms and decor.

Premium Plus Room

Connect with the stunning beauty of Big Sur with a private deck and sublime ocean views where you can soak up the wondrous ocean views after a day of discovery. Drift off to sleep in complete comfort and awaken to the sun shining through your room’s generous windows.

Premium Plus accommodations are ideal for guests who desire a king-size bed and feature:

   •  Ocean views from your private deck.
   •  Upgraded bathrooms and decor.

Point House Suite

Reflect, relax and let go. Nestled behind the tranquil Esalen Garden, Point Houses are perched at the cliff’s edge overlooking the glorious Pacific Ocean and boast some of the most stunning sunset views along the coast.

Whether you gaze into a blazing, warming fire you created or listen to the restorative waves on the deck, these rooms offer a truly restorative experience after a day of discovery.

Point Houses feature:

   •  Master bedroom and a sleeping loft.
   •  Living room with a wood-burning stove.
   •  Kitchenette with dining area.
   •  Private redwood deck features an outdoor clawfoot tub—perfect for ultimate relaxation in front of the ocean.
   •  An Internet connection and an in-room telephone.

Point House Plus Suite

Regenerate, reflect, relax and surrender yourself to the natural and restorative beauty of Big Sur.

Each of our Point House Plus rooms are unique and offer different features. We will do our best to honor any request for a specific room, based on availability.

Fritz Point House Plus Suite

Nestled in the secluded location of the former residence of Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy, this sublime renovated and secluded suite features:

   •  A separate bedroom with a queen-size bed.
   •  Living room with a wood-burning fireplace.
   •  A kitchenette with a dining alcove.
   •  A spacious custom-appointed stone bathroom.
   •  A balcony with forest views and partial views of the stunning Pacific Ocean.

In the worlds of Fritz Perls: “Don’t think so much—feel.” And we would add: “Just be.”

South Point House Plus Suite

   •  Master bedroom with a king-size bed and a sleeping loft.
   •  Additional bedroom featuring a double-size bed.
   •  Living room with a wood-burning stove.
   •  Kitchenette with dining area.
   •  Private redwood deck features an outdoor clawfoot tub—perfect for ultimate relaxation in front of the ocean.
   •  An Internet connection and an in-room telephone.
   •  Easy access to the Lodge and other areas of the property.