The Esalen + Trek Light Gear Blanket: A Collaborative Creation
Heather Martin
June 2, 2021

Wrapping yourself in a blanket conjures up emotions of comfort, safety and sometimes the best memories of a vacation or retreat. As I began my research to find the perfect blanket for Esalen, I knew it had to be both functional and aesthetically representative of the land. The blanket had to evoke a feeling for our guests as well as our staff. I knew I had found the right one when I was led to the husband and wife owned small business, Trek Light Gear.

After discovering an Esalen postcard from the early ‘80s, I was inspired to put that image onto a label. It was a sketch-style map showing a road leading to Esalen, and apparently the postcard had been sent out to inform guests of a reopening status years ago. Yet, here we were in the middle of a pandemic, having survived the Dolan fire and the January collapse of Highway 1, and our 2021 reopen date had just been set. It felt as if this postcard was giving me a sign. From there, the collaboration began.

Trek Light Gear believes in giving back to both people and the earth. They plant trees for every purchase, donate school supplies to children in need and raise money for cancer research. Believing in doing good is something we have in common and finding ways to enrich others’ lives are shared values. Potential and positive possibilities loom.

The Horizon Gold Blanket

There are two versions of our Esalen Blanket. First the Horizon Gold Blanket which offers neutral colors plus a pop of gold. Second, the Greyson which is a rich and deep charcoal grey. Both versions have been created with care to compliment either outdoor or indoor living. Handwoven with 100% post-consumer recycled materials, these mid-weight blankets also have variances in details which make them unique for each purchaser.

The Greyson Blanket

Our Blanket series has limited quantities to offer unique and special pieces throughout the year. Find them at where you can view at your leisure and bring Esalen home.


Heather Martin

Heather Martin is the Buyer and Visual Merchandiser for Esalen’s retail and online space. As a certified Reiki Master Teacher with experience in many facets of retail, Heather layers her ability to create beautiful spaces with her love of wellness.