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Summer Drink Remix: A Barista Favorite
The beverage bar at Esalen, showing a menu of drinks that includes complimentary NUMI teas, a selection of wine and beer, and specialty drinks.
Photo by Heather Martin

This is the perfect thing to land in your inbox right now, isn’t it? Our barista supervisor, Sheena Burnside, is sharing her revitalizing creation, the Rosemary Berry Lemon Sparkler — an on campus favorite!

“My inspiration was seeing all the fresh rosemary in the Esalen garden,” says Burnside. “Also, I love looking at Pinterest for inspiration for my drinks. Fresh berries and rosemary are great for summer. The mix of herbs and fresh fruit is very refreshing. This drink is great for a midday refreshment.”

Everyone seems to connect with special spots on campus where they feel at one with the land, including Burnside. “I love to have fun drinks personally while I’m journaling.” So, whether Burnside is journaling or enjoying her beverage creations, you might find her at her spot — on the lawn, watching the ocean.

Sounds good to us — actually, better. It sounds transformational. Enjoy this recipe, and have a well-deserved moment for yourself. Invite an Esalen vibe to a spot of your own, wherever you are. 

Rosemary Berry Lemon Sparkler

Makes 2 servings 

Prep time: 2 minutes, if syrup is made in advance


  • 3 oz Rosemary blackberry syrup (recipe below)
  • 6 oz sparkling lemon water
  • Fresh Rosemary 
  • Fresh blackberries 
  • 2 cups water
  • Optional: 3/4 cup honey or agave 


  1. Fill a glass half full with ice. Add half the blackberry syrup.
  2. Follow with the sparkling water. Stir to combine. 
  3. Garnish with a few berries and a sprig of rosemary.

Syrup Recipe 

Preparation time: 40 minutes (suggestion: make ahead of time)

  1. In a saucepan, combine honey, water, blackberries, and rosemary.
  2. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat.
  3. Smash berries and cover pot.
  4. Let steep for 25 mins to infuse the rosemary.
  5. Strain syrup and store in the refrigerator until ready to use.


Esalen Team