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New Tanks, Tees & Sweatshirts Pop Up By Popular Demand
Esalen Summer Capsule Collection of new tees, tanks, and sweatshirts with Esalen logo

The Esalen summer goes like this: weeks of cloudy 70 degree days, with night time lows dipping in the high 50’s. Or, weeks of beaming sun during an 80+ degree day with little relief at night. The answer? Bring layers when visiting Big Sur as the weather shifts and changes with the mood of this beautiful land. I curated the new, impromptu Summer Capsule Collection with multiple silhouettes and options, so you can choose to layer your way.

However, that wasn’t in the plan a few months ago.

A Good Problem

As the buyer for the Esalen store on campus and online, I waited with anticipation, after the arrival of our first Spring collection. Would these items be of interest to you, our supporters and guests? Would they measure up to my personal expectations? Would the land welcome their presence? 

I didn’t have long to wait for the answers.You showed the acceptance and love of this collection with robust sales in just the first few hours. I was completely humbled, honored and filled with gratitude. Then, my panic took hold. 

It’s a good problem to have when items sell out. I’ve heard this sentiment my entire career, and yes, in theory, it’s a truthful statement. We’ve done something right if everything sells out. However, when styles go quickly, there should be a replenishment plan, so no one is without something they adore or wish to purchase to remember their experience at Esalen.

My initial plan was to have our next collection debut in the Fall. I had no idea our clothing styles would do so well. This meant only one thing: we needed more! I immediately began working on our “Summer Capsule Collection.”

Esalen Men’s Keeper T-Shirt in Vintage Navy

New Gear: Playful & Classic 

My objective was to create playful yet classic designs within our selected tanks, t-shirts and sweatshirts. From vintage to modern, new tanks feature our mission of “Human Potential,” and t-shirts are designed to leave room for interpretation while showcasing our Esalen logo. Sweatshirts are specifically designed for women featuring unique color combinations and logo placements. Men’s t-shirts are so soft and cozy they will, no doubt, turn into a wardrobe staple.

Esalen Women’s Throwback Sweatshirt logo close up in Red/PInk

There are washed navys with tonal midnight navy logos and faded greens with pale blue or white fonts. You’ll see creams and whites with dusty grey imaging and faded red with a fuschia pink vintage vibe Esalen logo. Color combinations have always been a favorite piece of product development for me. I chose to incorporate tonal and pops of color in the design aspect while keeping our silhouettes (or styles) time-honored.

Gratitude and Giving Back

Our new collection has been available for only a few days and is already beating expectations. For this, we owe you an enormous amount of gratitude and thanks. My first priority is to be of service to this land by bringing beauty into the store and online through my product choices and so each one of you can take an item from Esalen, feeling love and belonging. Thank you again, for without all of you this collection would not be possible.

Remember, when you make a purchase through our online or retail store you are supporting Esalen. All purchase dollars go back into the care of this astonishing land. Find our new Summer Merchandise and other products in our online store and bring Esalen home.


Heather Martin

Heather Martin is the Buyer and Visual Merchandiser for Esalen’s retail and online space. As a certified Reiki Master Teacher with experience in many facets of retail, Heather layers her ability to create beautiful spaces with her love of wellness.