INSIGHTS: Relational Gestalt: I and Thou In the Here and Now
Christine Chen
June 25, 2021
Dorothy Charles, who studied Gestalt at Esalen with co-founder Dick Price

If you intentionally practice noticing your body sensations, your thoughts, current emotions, and what’s happening around you, you may very well be practicing Gestalt. Gestalt is a pillar of early Esalen studies for personal transformation, and legacy teacher Dorothy Charles emphasizes that it’s a practice that is ever-evolving.

Charles has been practicing Gestalt since 1985, a journey which began at Esalen. Under the guidance of one of her teachers, Esalen co-founder Dick Price, she connected with the authenticity and aliveness of the practice. Since then, Charles has chosen to focus on the nuances of emotional process and how Gestalt can impact our relationships with self and others. 

“Things go better when I’m present. Things go better when I’m in touch with myself,” says Charles. “For some people, learning to be more in touch with their bodies, physical sensation, is an important part of this work. It’s learning, and it’s unlearning.” 

You can sign up now for Charles’ workshop Relational Gestalt Practice, The Transformative Power of Emotion, July 26 - 30, 2021.

Watch our Esalen Spotlight interview to learn more about Charles’ practice, what Dick Price called the “three jewels,” and her hopes for the future of Esalen, below or on Esalen’s Facebook page.


Christine Chen

Christine Chen is the host of Esalen Live! and Senior Content Producer. Christine is a two-time Emmy winning journalist, a best-selling author, California native, and yoga teacher's teacher (ERYT500, ERYT300, YACEP) on Esalen Faculty.