Esalen Welcomes Another Group Of Artists To Restore And Create
Esalen Team
July 20, 2021
Esalen welcomes Jazsamyn, Coral Martin, and mirrored fatality as Artists in Residence

The creative pulse at Esalen is something artists have tapped into for decades. Many great creative works have emerged  from time spent at Esalen. If you listen carefully, you can hear the echoes of the artists themselves. 

This past year, Esalen welcomed artists back to the land through our Artist in Residence program. The artists live amongst the community, create in the Art Barn or out in nature, then  step back into the world with a restored mind, heart, and spirit  and usually a brand new body of work. 

We are excited to introduce and welcome our next round of artists. Keep reading to get to know Jazsalyn, Coral, and mirrored fatality, and if you're coming to campus and see them, please say hello.

Jazsalyn (July 23 - August 15)

Jazsalyn's work begins where fiction and reality collide. As an anti-disciplinary artist, she combines new media with community organizing practices to reimagine Black futures.

As the Creative Director of black beyond, a radical space for artists and activists to define alternate realities for Blackness. Jazsalyn collaborates with Black and non-Black co-liberators to decolonize and re-indigenize creative practice. Through black beyond, she co-creates and curates a series of extended reality experiences, programs, artist talks, workshops, performances, and a monthly segment titled alternate realities on Dublab Radio.

Her work has been featured in CULTURED Magazine, Vogue, The New Yorker, and Huffington Post. Exhibitions and panels such as TEDx Durham and Textiles as a Second Skin at MoogFest.

She is also a contributing artist in the online virtual experience black beyond _origins and its upcoming in person exhibition hosted by Parsons School of Design for Spring 2022.

"The Esalen residency will allow time and space to re-center and explore the more personal side of my practice and how it relates to community work. During my time in Big Sur, I plan to honor and co-create with the soundscapes of the land, revisiting ongoing work to subvert and reimagine reality through immersive and sonic sculpture."

Coral Martin (August 16 - September 12)

Coral is a San Francisco Bay Area-based dancer and dance educator with cultural anthropology and visual art background. Her practice as both a performer and an educator is rooted in disrupting traditional hierarchies in classical ballet and elevating voices and identities that have been historically suppressed and obscured. 

Coral has performed with Oakland Ballet, Sacramento Ballet, City Ballet of Boston, Capacitor, and Amy Seiwert's Imagery, among others. And she has taught for Boston Ballet School, ODC School, Shawl Anderson Dance Center, and East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, among others.

"The AIR residency will allow me to reassess and cultivate anew the way I dance, share dance, teach dance, and think about dance. In the past year, I shifted even more of my energies and time into teaching dance, and I take the responsibility of guiding others in their relationship with dance very seriously. Not only will the AIR residency have a powerfully positive influence on me as an artist, it will also, by extension, the time and space to consider my pedagogical approach as it also affects my students, so the effects ripple. I don't want this to be a pause, but a revolution."

mirrored fatality (September 13 - October 8)

mirrored fatality is Kapampangan Pilipinx and Pakistani-Muslim queer + nonbinary performance art duo Mango and Samar, sharing their rituals, altars, and medicine through DIT (Do It Together) experimental and healing noise punk. mirrored fatality creates their self-proclaimed “cocoon webs'' combining performance art, music, spoken word, film, photography, painting, drawing, upcycled garments, anti-imperialist education, healing justice practice spaces; mobilizing and bridging a warrior community who responds urgently to transnational calls-to-action.

"At Esalen, we will expand our music production and performance art practice, curate and release our Fall 2021 line of our mutual aid upcycled warrior ware, handmade cassettes and CDs, and begin directing our debut film COCOON WEBS, a tetraptych of visual arts for our EP."

Stay tuned. There's more to come from Jazsalyn, Coral, and mirrored fatality through our social channels in the coming months.


Esalen Team