Inviting Peace & Rest: The Esalen Summer “Dreaming” Box
Heather Martin
June 30, 2021

Many of us welcome the Summer season. What’s not to love? Sun-soaked days followed by breezy, warm nights; sand particles grazing our toes; wafting scents of fresh salt air and outdoor grilling; time we spend in nature with family and friends. Our days are longer and nights shorter, making it even more of a priority that we get a deep, restful sleep. Our bodies can repair and restore themselves during sleep, allowing for overall well-being and healing. While curating our Esalen Summer "Dreaming" Box, I reflected on a few key items that are often employed as sleep-enhancing tools while staying at Esalen, and can therefore be brought home.

Managing sleep can often be a challenge: our mind races, technology looms, and the pressure to fall asleep versus simply resting can actually prohibit us from truly letting go and sleeping. Enter How To Sleep, by Rafael Pelayo, M.D. This easy-to-read book includes practical steps on how to sleep from a holistic perspective, and also examines sleep issues and behaviors while offering simple solutions we can all implement into our daily lives.

While at Esalen, many rooms have skylights which offer the ability to awaken with natural light. There is something magical about waking up with nature —  birds chirping, squirrels running around in the branches of trees, and the glow of the morning sun. However, there are some people, like myself, who wish for a smidge more time tucked under the covers. For this reason, our store is filled with eye pillows and eye masks, and in our Summer “Dreaming” box, we’ve included a golden-colored, 100% natural silk eye mask from Made by Yoke. Each one has a comfortable, elastic silk-covered strap for the highest wellness support.

Surrounding ourselves with a calming and peaceful environment also includes scent. Our extraordinary sense of smell can aid in producing a sound slumber. Infinite Essence Essential Oil Blend (Surrender) specifically targets the realm of sleeping well. This oil is a beautiful blend of relaxing and soothing essential oils with a carrier of organic coconut MCT oil that allows  application directly onto the skin as well as onto pillows and sheets. 

Summer dreaming at Esalen wouldn’t be complete without a vision seeker dream catcher that is designed to catch bad dreams. Quartz crystals embedded in the dream catcher assist in removing lingering negative thoughts or energies and enhance spiritual communication. Each dream catcher is uniquely handmade by Monague Native Crafts and includes semi-precious stones, feathers, and beads. 

These four perfect tools will help you sleep while on any adventure, whether away or at home, and they are a great step as you seek to create your own nightly ritual to support your mental and physical health during this season of Summer. 

Remember, when you make a purchase through our online or retail store you are supporting Esalen. All purchase dollars go back into the care of this astonishing land. Find our Summer “Dreaming” Box and other products in our online store and bring Esalen home.


Heather Martin

Heather Martin is the Buyer and Visual Merchandiser for Esalen’s retail and online space. As a certified Reiki Master Teacher with experience in many facets of retail, Heather layers her ability to create beautiful spaces with her love of wellness.