New in the Esalen Store: CBD Wellness
Heather Martin
June 9, 2021
Vital Body CBD Products

There is no shortage of health and well-being within the not-for-profit walls of Esalen. Since our campus began welcoming guests in 1962, we have valued human potential and possibilities. We support alternative methods and modalities for healing and advancement. Embracing new ways to learn and grow is in our DNA. Incorporating CBD as part of our retail wellness selection was an easy decision.  

Alongside our t’shirts, books, chakra sprays, blankets, sage bundles and meditation scarves now sits this therapeutic gem.  Though CBD was first extracted in 1940 by chemist Roger Adams, it wasn’t until 1963 that Dr. Raphael Mechoulam was able to describe its chemical structure. People started educating themselves and others about the difference between THC and CBD, and the latter has now become more widely accepted as an alternative way of healing.

Currently on our shelves, there are two brands that include CBD in their ingredient formulations. Vital Body and Rejuvenate with Nousha offer products that are natural and filled with integrity.  These companies are women-owned and made in the U.S.A.

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Vital Body incorporates varying degrees of CBD depending on the chosen product. These creams, oils, balms and salt soaks are consistent best-sellers in both our retail space on campus as well as our online store. Not only do they work; they are also beautifully packaged.

You can try them by ordering our new CBD box or purchase these items separately.  

Rejuvenate with Nousha, The Reset

Created by an RN, Rejuvenate with Nousha’s Reset CBD Facial Oil is a sensory dream. Featuring essential oils, lemon balm, vitamin C and arnica oil to combat inflammation and reduce redness. With its natural herb botanical formulation, this facial oil allows the skin to calm while supplying hydration and a magical glow.

Yet to experience CBD? This is your opportunity to try something new, journey into a new adventure and discover healing the CBD way. Find all of the above products in our online store and bring Esalen home.  


Heather Martin

Heather Martin is the Buyer and Visual Merchandiser for Esalen’s retail and online space. As a certified Reiki Master Teacher with experience in many facets of retail, Heather layers her ability to create beautiful spaces with her love of wellness.