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Culture & Community: It’s a Lifestyle

Levels of Engagement

There are many different ways to engage with Esalen. Whether you are a workshop participant, workscholar, apprentice, extended student, or full-time staff member, your path leads into the vast web of possibilities that Esalen presents to all who arrive with open hearts and minds.

Staff live and work in an evolving community of seekers. As stewards of this unique place, they have the incredible opportunity to live fully in all aspects of their being: mind, body, heart, spirit, and community, and to grow personally by being in service to others.

Guaranteed Growth & Learning

The benefits and privileges of working at Esalen range from its magnificent physical location to the intense and rewarding work toward self- and social transformation that Esalen has pioneered since 1962. Staff members have access to a wide spectrum of educational and inspirational events, classes, and other opportunities for growth and learning.

Working here develops a greater capacity to mobilize inner resources, expand your heart and mind, develop a deeper sense of acceptance and self-awareness, and other communication and leadership skills for becoming a force for positive change in the world.

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