In Memoriam:
David Schiffman
January 6, 1943 - June 13, 2014

"David Schiffman led programs over four decades of Esalen's history, from 1969 until this year. His work grew richer through the years, joining many of the Institute's first inspirations to lessons we've learned along the way. His was a rebel spirit, which we all valued. He did not always agree with our organizational changes, but ultimately respected the vision and the mission we shared.

"In this, he was both a conservative and path-finding influence, embodying much that was best in our past as his work, like the Institute's, took new turns and developed new understandings of human possibility. He was, above all, filled with abiding empathy for people's suffering and appreciation of their hidden gifts. We all felt that. His devoted following will miss him greatly."

—Michael Murphy, Co-founder of Esalen Institute