Esalen Institute is open! However, Highway 1 to the south is closed — please review the current travel advisory.
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Due to road closures along Highway 1 to our north and south, Esalen is closed through April 11.
Esalen Institute is open! However, Highway 1 to the south is closed — please review the current travel advisory.
The Safe, Surprising,
and Emerging Psychedelic Frontier

January 14, 2023

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The Safe, Surprising, and Emerging Psychedelic Frontier
James Fadiman, PhD
Adam Bramlage

January 14, 2023


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In the wake of America’s psychedelics prohibition and the dismantling of this nation’s War on Drugs, there are exciting, life-changing plant medicine conversations happening here at Esalen. The western world is at a tipping point — recognizing the transformative experiences and deep healing that can emerge through the science of psychedelics and plant medicine — proving that the research and legality are paradigm-shifting. With these perception-altering conversations come dynamic opportunities for education and demystification.

Join legendary psychedelics researcher and the father of the modern microdosing movement, James Fadiman, PhD, and microdosing educator and coach Adam Bramlage as they teach live from Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Together we will learn about the most current and best practices of microdosing psychedelics and plant medicine.

Fadiman’s 2011 book, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys was the spark that ignited a reimagining of psychedelics across the nation and around the world. Microdosing is the use of sub-hallucinogenic amounts of psychedelics for the improvement of mental health, creativity, and athletic performance. Microdosing can alleviate depression, migraines, chronic pain, addictions, and more. This day explores the history, science, and best practices for safe and effective microdosing through discussion, participant reports, coaching methods, and research results.

The workshop will feature:

  • Faculty-led presentations and discussions on microdosing.
  • Community-driven discussions on psychedelics and microdosing.
  • A history of microdosing through time, from ancestral and indigenous use to contemporary.
  • Best practices for safe and effective microdosing.
  • Risks, rewards, and contraindications when microdosing.
  • The latest science, research, and citizen-science reports on microdosing.
  • The value and benefits of coaching and integration.
  • Maximizing microdose benefits through stacking and herbal blending.

Recommended Reading: Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, by James Fadiman; Science of Microdosing Psychedelics, by Torsten Passe; and A Really Good Day, by Ayelet Waldman.

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Meet James Fadiman, PhD

James Fadiman is an American writer known for his research on microdosing psychedelics. He and Robert Frager co-founded the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, which later became Sofia University, where he was a lecturer in psychedelic studies.

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Meet Adam Bramlage

Adam Bramlage is Founder/CEO of Flow State Micro, a functional mushroom company and microdosing education platform. Bramlage works one on one with clients to optimize their microdosing experience.

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Things are shaking up, old paradigms are dismantling, and a new collective force is emerging that sincerely cares for the world. We are all being initiated and we are all being called. Yoga provides us with the inner fortitude, connection, commitment and dedication to Rise Together and make a difference.

— Sianna Sherman

A Reimagined, Interactive Esalen Experience

As harbingers of human potential, we see technology as a bridge that connects the natural world of Big Sur’s Esalen to the sanctuary of your home.

In creative collaboration with a world-class production company, and replete with a live three camera team, sweeping drone footage, and facilitated and engaging breakout rooms, Esalen has conceived a new style of high-concept, interactive digital workshops.

Dive deep with the transformational experience you know and love from Esalen. While session recordings will be available for five days, we want you to experience the transmission in real time. Treat this like a home retreat weekend.

June 10–12:
Sianna Sherman

Phoenix Rising with Sianna Sherman embodies four thematic Alchemy of Yoga journeys that awaken our power and ignite our heart fire vision through body-centered practices. The extraordinary process of alchemy is transformational — turning wounds into wisdom and pain into love.

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Join us for a free webinar with Sianna on May 10.

World-Class Transformation Without the Travel

Together, uniting students around the world — near and far — we embark on a participatory digital journey from home, in real time — going deep to immerse in an authentic Esalen adventure.

Receive the Healing from Home

By syncing the heart-centering moments, the grounding inhale/exhales, we orchestrate experiential togetherness. With interactions and instruction flowing between students and teachers, we are creating a symphony of interconnected healing and exploring unprecedented community.

Experience Esalen

Esalen researched, studied, and is now testing how we connect to this magical place through the innovation of an interactive, dynamic, sensorial workshop experience. We are excited to transport our idyllic and cherished land, that glittery, awe-inspiring oceanscape to you in your own treasured personal space.

Break into Community Groups

The pandemic years taught us a lot about connectivity. We felt how dire it is to seek adventure in the mundane, to meaningfully elevate each day while feeling safe and whole. We proved we could set an intention, drop into transformational offerings, and live with vibrant purpose — even, in our most isolated moments.

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