Esalen Live!

Esalen Live! is a series of socially conscious and interactive interviews hosted by Esalen faculty member Christine Chen, an award-winning journalist, best-selling yoga book author, and master yoga teacher and trainer. The show features immersive talks and experiences with our dynamic faculty and expertise from special guests passionate about exploring human potential. Anyone can join the conversation online, ask questions during the live interview, and connect with others in the community. You can find all shows posted on Facebook or YouTube at @esaleninstitute.

Christine also hosts Esalen Presents, a special showcase on Instagram for our teachers and artists-in-residence, plus humans who light up the world. They share their knowledge and artistry on @esalen IGTV.

Pranayama, Percussion, and Practice with Neil Wadhawan, Teacher in Residence

September 6, 2021
Esalen Live!

During his residency, Neil Wadhawan guided his students through rituals and daily practices. Here, he guides us through an at-home experience combining the Djembe drum with an ancient yogic breath technique called Ujjayi Pranayama, which allows the practitioners to breathe and move in sync with the rhythm of the drum. Neil's two-minute offering is energizing, centering, and calming. Enjoy and breathe.

The Magic of Stillness with Dan Zigmond

August 31, 2021
Esalen Live!

What does it mean to (truly) be still? There is something magic about stillness, but it must be practiced. Zen priest Dan Zigmond joins Christine Chen on Esalen Live! and leads us on a short practice.

Zigmond leads Meditation and Modern Life: A Weekend Meditation Retreat October 1–3.

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Move Like the Ocean, Sit Like A Mountain with Zuza Engler

August 17, 2021
Esalen Live!

Is the body a portal to a "mystery"? Discover a combination approach to unlock a version of you that can be totally present and authentic. Christine Chen chats with Zuza Engler on Esalen Live!

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Yoga for the Here and Now with Ulrika Engman

August 10, 2021
Esalen Live!

What is yoga's potential for our healing future? Esalen Live! host Christine Chen chats with Ulrika Engman, the founder of Yoga Journeys about practicing yoga in today's changing social landscape. Engman shares a mudra and meditative moment for greater connection, too.

Engman's September 2021 workshops are Yoga for the Here and Now and Stoking the Energetic Fire.

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