Steve Edelman

Steve Edelman is a veteran of many career changes and workshops, both as a participant and a workshop creator. In addition to creating the life-planning experience Unfinished Business with Pam Kramer, he developed a workshop for couple’s enrichment and another for effective communication.

With a B.A. from Yale and a J.D. from the Northwestern U. School of Law, Steve switched professions early on and moved from law to television. Starting as a TV news reporter, he went on to be an anchor, talk show host, and Executive Producer. With the philosophy that change is necessary to keep things lively, Steve went behind the scenes and created a TV production company. Edelman Productions expanded to four cities and produced hundreds of hours of series for hgtv, History Channel, Food Network and others.

Now, blending his media, workshop and personal life change experience, he has developed Unfinished Business with Pam Kramer to help others navigate the journey to deep satisfaction.

Steve Edelman, BA Yale, JD, has had many careers, including workshop creator, television anchor, and business entrepreneur. Blending his media, workshop, and personal life-change experiences, he developed Unfinished Business to help others navigate the journey to deep satisfaction.

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