Rosemary Garrison

Rosemary began her study of yoga in 1997 in the traditional Ashtanga style with her primary teacher, Tim Miller. She then went on to study Vinyasa with many remarkable instructors (Shiva Rea, Dharma Mittra, and others). She is grateful for both her foundation in the rigorous discipline of Ashtanga as well as the creative, adaptive nature of Vinyasa Flow. In addition to her physical practice, Rosemary has studied Vipassana Meditation at Spirit Rock Center as well as Zen Meditation at Tassajara Zen Center and maintains a personal meditation practice.

Rosemary teaches a strong, compassionate Vinyasa Flow class. She emphasizes the breath, intention, mindful alignment, and, ultimately, the cultivation of energy and awareness. It is her experience that a consistent practice offers the practitioner a pathway to his or her own divine, radiant nature.

With annual retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings throughout California, Mexico, and internationally, Rosemary welcomes students from far and wide, inviting beginners and advanced practitioners alike to the transformational power of the journey.

Rosemary Garrison began her study of yoga in the traditional Ashtanga style, then expanded into Vinyasa. She teaches a strong flow, emphasizing breath, alignment, and, ultimately, the cultivation of energy and awareness. Rosemary leads annual retreats and trainings around the world.


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