Paola di Florio

Paola di Florio is an Oscar and Emmy-nominated director, writer, producer and Sundance Jury Prize-nominee. An NYU graduate, she’s the founder of Counterpoint films––a vanguard in the conscious media space, following the launch of top grossing documentary Awake: The Life of Yogananda. Her company’s mission is to create experiences through storytelling which awaken the human spirit. Di Florio’s work has received special screenings at the U.S. Congress and the British House of Lords, and has been distributed throughout the world, both theatrically as well as on Netflix, HBO, CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and more. The New York Times described her work as “extraordinary” and “poignant." Los Angeles Times found it “deeply affecting, revelatory [and] gripping;” The Hollywood Reporter said that it “should be required viewing for all Americans.” Di Florio has guest-lectured at UCLA, UCS, Stanford and Berkeley. She is a Kriya Yoga practitioner and has been certified in vinyasa yoga, kundalini, and also in Pranic healing. She is the proud mother of two young men.

Paola di Florio, founder of Counterpoint Films, is an Oscar, Emmy and Sundance Jury Prize-nominated writer, director and producer. A Kriya Yoga practitioner and NYU graduate, she is certified in vinyasa, kundalini, and in pranic healing.