Michele Cassou

Michele Cassou was born in Marseilles, France, and started to draw and paint when she was five years old. She created art by way of every possible method and material available, while innately refusing to engage with traditional structures.

At 18 years old, however, she reversed the direction of her work and enrolled in traditional Parisian art classes, hoping to increase her power of expression. This approach threatened to destroy the connection between her work and her feelings. She escaped by joining a free expression studio for children. It was there that she discovered the magical force of spontaneous painting.

She spent more than three years in that studio. By painting freely, with children, away from all traditional rules and concepts about art, she soon understood the amazing life-changing potential of creation. She discovered for herself the basic principles of making art: unrestricted choice and spontaneity. She reached what she calls "the point of no return", which is that point at which creative expression has moved to such a deep level that one cannot imagine living without it.

This discovery immediately led to the desire to share it. She questioned why people did not allow themselves the freedom to create. Through observation and experimentation, she began her lifelong search for the understanding of the creative process and how to share it with others.

She is now known internationally for her groundbreaking work of using painting as a tool for self-discovery and for exploring the spiritual dimensions of the creative process.

Michele Cassou, painter and teacher, developed the Point Zero Painting Method, using painting for self-discovery, self-expression, and exploring the spiritual dimensions of the creative process. She is the founder of the Cassou Institute for Creative Freedom and teaches around the world.

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