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Personal retreat in standard accommodations available for 12/6 - 10. Call 888-8-ESALEN to reserve.

  • Ron Alexander Ph.D

    Santa Monica, California
    Executive Director Open Mind Training Institute and author Wise Mind Open Mind

    Since 1973, I’ve been honored to serve Esalen as a teacher and I support Esalen as a Friend because I consider it the greatest school. The Esalen vision for our world, its values and leadership has accelerated the evolution of consciousness in myself and in the world.

  • Ricardo Samaniego

    Corporate Tax Accountant, eBay 

    At Esalen, no global travel is required to engage in genuine conversation with people from all over the world. At Esalen, my soul is nurtured and filled to the brim with gratitude for people and our planet. Esalen makes me confident that we can help our planet for the better. I still get chills thinking about the possibilities."

  • David Lamb & Robbi Firestone

    President & CEO Enterprises International (Hoquiam, WA) & Robbi Firestone, Spirit Capture Artist (Los Angeles & Santa Fe)

    People like us, whose lives have been impacted by Esalen, cherish the opportunity to give back. For us to share in that and be invited to support Esalen, is a special privilege. We are grateful to participate in nourishing beloved Esalen, and hope to encourage others to fall in love with it like we did.


  • Deborah Starr, Ph.D

    Starr Strategics/Legacy Consulting NYC, NY

    Esalen provides a vision for a better world and how we each play a role in this co-creation. Esalen is my spiritual home and it provides enduring support to me on my personal journey of healing and growth. This is why I continue to give back to Esalen as a Friend.



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Friends of Esalen Fund

The Friends of Esalen Fund is made up of thousands of individuals – seminarians, friends, faculty, and staff – who support Esalen Institute as a leading center for exploring and realizing human potential, transformation, and global consciousness.


Financial circumstances can be an obstacle for some people who want to experience Esalen, and first-time participants may initially feel reluctant to make the investment of money and time. Our scholarships help Esalen fulfill its mission by offering our tools and approach to a wider community. Scholarship funds help level the Esalen playing field and ensure that workshop and accommodation fees are available to people and mission-driven organizations who want an Esalen experience.

Restoring & Renewing

Aging structures in need of major repairs or replacement, overcrowding, older technology, inadequate energy and water-savings all add up to a less than optimal Esalen experience. We need your help to help our buildings and accommodations meet 21st century needs and standards while retaining their unique character.

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