Esalen Emergency Closure Relief Fund

 Esalen to reopen June 9. Support us during our closure with our Emergency Closure Relief Fund.

  • Ron Alexander Ph.D

    Santa Monica, California
    Executive Director Open Mind Training Institute and author Wise Mind Open Mind

    Since 1973, I’ve been honored to serve Esalen as a teacher and I support Esalen as a Friend because I consider it the greatest school. The Esalen vision for our world, its values and leadership has accelerated the evolution of consciousness in myself and in the world.

  • Ricardo Samaniego

    Corporate Tax Accountant, eBay 

    At Esalen, no global travel is required to engage in genuine conversation with people from all over the world. At Esalen, my soul is nurtured and filled to the brim with gratitude for people and our planet. Esalen makes me confident that we can help our planet for the better. I still get chills thinking about the possibilities."

  • Deborah Starr, Ph.D

    Starr Strategics/Legacy Consulting NYC, NY

    Esalen provides a vision for a better world and how we each play a role in this co-creation. Esalen is my spiritual home and it provides enduring support to me on my personal journey of healing and growth. This is why I continue to give back to Esalen as a Friend.



"It is a deep joy in my life to serve Esalen and to support the service Esalen provides for the people of the world. I love the thought that Esalen will continue to serve many more generations to come."
—Byron Katie, Author and Esalen Faculty

Emergency Closure Relief Fund

On February 12, Esalen made the very difficult decision to cancel workshops due to extreme winter weather and road conditions in the Big Sur area. As a non profit organization, we rely heavily on workshop revenue to advance our mission of personal and social transformation. Learn more how you can help. 

Together, We Can Change Lives

Esalen pioneered the exploration and integration of mind, body, heart, and spirit – a concept that was revolutionary more than 50 years ago. Today our groundbreaking workshops, along with innovative work in farming and sustainability, leading-edge research, and a growing and vibrant residential education program, continue to inspire transformation.

As a non-profit organization, your support is essential to Esalen’s future. There are many ways you can join us in leading extraordinary change within ourselves and in others, including supporting:

Gifts of all sizes make a meaningful difference to Esalen. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Your Gifts Matter

How can you support real change? At Esalen, here are just some of the ways our donors are making a difference.

The Living Machine

Located in the garden, Esalen’s “living machine” processes wastewater from the laundry (a significant consumer of water on property) and the Maslow guest units. The system mimics tidal wetlands and uses natural biological process to treat black and grey water. The living machine was made possible through a generous gift from the Roy A. Hunt Foundation.

The Integral Leadership Program

Esalen’s Integral Leadership Program inspires and supports the next generation of conscious leaders. In partnership with universities, Esalen offers college-aged students a specially designed work scholar month experience. This program was launched through the generous support of Ken and Maddy Dychtwald.


We offer a rich and varied integral learning environment devoted to cultivating deep change in self and society.


A global network of seekers devoted to the belief that we are all capable of the extraordinary.