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The Mythic Life Weekend of September 6-8, 2019

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The old, forgotten pre-Christian mythologies and philosophies of the West — from the magical stories of Celtic Ireland to the soul-centered mythtellings of Plato in ancient Greece — are rich, complex and beautiful. They offer up a world in which everything is not only alive, but has purpose and intentionality of its own. A world to which each incarnated soul chooses to come, for a reason: to fulfill its own unique calling, and to offer up a gift which can only be expressed through relationship with and participation in that animate world. Carrying the fire, carrying with us the image that we were born with, that we brought with us when we chose to come into this world.

In this workshop we’ll explore this ancient idea of the soul’s calling, working with a variety of mythic imagination techniques to uncover our own mythopoetic identities, and the unique gift — the hidden treasure — which each one of us brings to this world. Through personal myth, fairy-tale narratives and archetypal imagery from old European traditions, journeying and dreamwork, we’ll find our own unique bridge to the imaginal world: the mundus imaginalis of ancient tradition.


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