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Spiritwalker: Shamanic Journeywork and Empowerment Weekend of September 22-24, 2017

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Many of the indigenous peoples perceive that our world is made up of two halves—a world of things seen and a world of things hidden—and they draw no distinction between them. They understand that the two halves present themselves together, mixed into one commonality. They also know that the hidden world is inhabited by a variety of transpersonal forces they call the spirits, and by entering into relationship with them, life can become an extraordinarily enriched adventure.
This introductory experiential workshop with anthropologist Hank Wesselman will utilize shamanic journeywork, an ancient form of meditation, to bring us into connection with our inner sources of wisdom, power, and healing, and especially with those helping spirits who are the holders and keepers of our life paths. We will also work with the issue of personal empowerment, as well as how to restore power to someone who has lost it. Bring hand drums and rattles if you have them, a notebook, a bandana or eyeshade, and a light blanket. Please refrain from alcohol during the workshop.
Recommended reading: Wesselman, The Bowl of Light and The Spiritwalker Trilogy; Wesselman and Ingerman, Awakening to the Spirit World; Wesselman and Kuykendall, Spirit Medicine.


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