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Soul Motion®: Flow and Fire Weekend of September 21-23, 2018

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In this Soul Motion immersion, we’ll enfold the body and its surrounding fields in flow and fire. We will use guided movement inquiries, open dance, and intentional pause passages to recognize and embrace these elemental movement qualities.
Flow is our heritage. It is the first movement quality we inhabit in embryonic stages. The flow of breath is what keeps us alive and supple. The flow of blood sustains our everyday dance, carrying us along its continuum of change in effortless shifts of form and force.
Fire is energy and will, a motivator that moves us along in space. It commits us to action and overcomes inertia. It transforms and cleanses our activity. We are moving in a purified, or open, stance, free from the dross of drudgery and mental blocks. Its flames of force can energize us.
Soul Motion® is a conscious dance practice that supports students in an inquiry of dance as creative expression, and as a conversation of relationship to self, other, and reality. Soul Motion values each participant for their unique and distinct voice in the body choir.
All are welcome. No previous experience necessary.


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