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Radical Healing: Bridging Personal Transformation and Social Change Weekend of September 21-23, 2018

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These times are calling us to wage truth on all fronts: personal, social, and political. There is a call to speak out, reclaim our power, and fight for love and justice. Right now is a time for truth telling, reconciliation, and transformation from the inside out, and we can start with a radical yoga practice.
Yoga is not meant follow the rules. It is a powerful system of the body, mind, and spirit designed to disrupt old patterns of limitation and transform them into innovation and possibility. This practice will cut to the core of who we are and what we stand for. It will be a courageous practice that helps us cultivate the inner strength and boldness to fiercely dive into the stuck and disconnected places in ourselves and in our world. We are being called to rise to the occasion — not only for ourselves, but also for the well-being of people and planet. Sessions include:
· We Were Made For These Times: A grounding practice to presence ourselves and reconnect to what matters most
· Truth and Reconciliation: A purifying practice using the chakra system to confront our limitations and liberate our life
· Radical Healing: A compassionate practice that centers love and relationship in how we navigate chaos and catalyze change from the inside out
· Taking Back Our Power: An empowering practice to reclaim our power and unleash our potential
Join Kerri Kelly for a radical practice where personal transformation meets powerful change. Please bring a yoga mat.
Recommended reading: Williamson, Healing the Soul Of America; Brown, Emergent Strategy; Williams and Owens, Radical Dharma.


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