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Alchemy of Love: Celebrating Intimacy with Your Partner Weekend of September 20-22, 2019

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This weekend is designed for committed couples to cultivate emotional intimacy, deepen their connection and celebrate their love. With lots of laughs and transformational depth, couples will enter sacred space together to compassionately explore the scars and shadows that hold each person back from full freedom and authenticity. Learn to lovingly identify the wounds of relationship without blame, shame or guilt. Lean into each other with true openness and explore new territories in your togetherness.

Sianna and Masood will guide you with yoga, healing movement, live music, shadow work for couples and keys for daily transformation in relationship. This is a perfect alchemical elixir for a main ailment in modern relationships: disconnection. In relationship, quality time together is essential. Take the time to unwind with your beloved, relax and soak in the rejuvenating waters of Esalen as you reconnect with Source in yourself and with each other. You and your beloved will leave with a renewed sense of shared vitality in your relationship, a deepening bond and a greater capacity to show up together for the Alchemy of Love. This workshop is designed for couples of all gender and sexual orientations.

Recommended Reading: Masters, Emotional Intimacy, Transformation Through Intimacy and Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark.


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