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Soul Motion™: Sweat Ecstasy Weekend of October 6-8, 2017

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“Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice that offers students a view, a handle, a key, and a striker,” says Vinn Arjuna Martí. “The view is that we are all moving all the time; we are a part of a dynamic motion world and we participate in this ongoing change. The handle is attached to a doorway of an interior dance. We immerse ourselves in somatic fields of body, energy, force, and time, and we’re moved by rhythms audible and inaudible. The key unlocks these somatic rooms. We run, walk, shape-shift, and dance the sounds of music, breath, heartbeat, and the emptiness of the room. The striker bangs the drums of percussive perception and resounds with vibrations of the living world to awaken us to our nature, and our connection to all.”
Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice designed by Arjuna. Using guided movement inquiries, teachings, and periods of open dance passages, students uncover their creative artistry by way of dance relationships, and their inherent power and embodied presence through cultivation of the still point in the moving center.
Dance experience is never a requirement.


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