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Women's Visionary Leadership Summit Weekend of October 4-6, 2019

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We are living in a watershed moment in human history marked by an unprecedented opportunity for women to rise into leadership with refreshing, authentic, collaborative and impassioned feminine power. In this gathering of visionary female leaders, we will facilitate the next wave of women’s empowerment, for ourselves and for our world. Participants including leaders in the fields of medicine, film, science, psychology, consciousness, technology, impact investing and cultural arts will gather to empower the divine feminine, unite our energy, create a culture of mentorship and support to share our visions, catalyze change and amplify our impact.

Drawing upon the lands and sacred traditions of Esalen, we will bring forward ancient wisdom with the latest insights from the medical, scientific and technical fields to consciously shape the society we wish to build. We will learn from each other’s wisdom across disciplines, backgrounds and generations, and share our visions and align vectors of influence to collectively impact individual, systems level and societal transformation. This workshop is for women only. All self-identifying women are welcome.

A limited number of spaces to participate in this summit are being offered to the general public, alongside a beautifully curated lineup of established leaders. We would love to learn more about your interest in this gathering and what you might like to contribute.

Note: Registration for this workshop begins with an application. To apply, please follow this link: Only after you have been accepted will you be able to reserve accommodations at Esalen.


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