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The Archetypal Journey: Awakening the Creative Forces Within Weekend of November 8-10, 2019

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What are archetypes? How do we awaken and embody them in everyday life? In conjunction with the release of The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck & Guidebook, Kim Krans leads an exploration into the many faces and forces of our archetypal journey. Through a creative and experiential lens, you will study the recurrent symbols, motifs and stories that animate our outer world and our inner lives. We will use creative practices, movement, collage, meditation and of course interaction with the cards.

We will journal, try new things and meet others on a similar mystical path. We will rely on poets, painters, writers and sages to lead the way with their teachings on archetypes and how archetypes live through us. We will also experience the pristine Big Sur landscape as a guide into the self. This workshop is particularly useful for those on the healing path, creatives or card readers (as the archetypes animate nearly all oracle and tarot decks). The only prerequisite is an open mind and a willingness to jump into the vast world of archetypes. No background on the subject is required. Bring a journal, a curious heart and a longing to explore your life.


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