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Social Entrepreneurship: From Spiritual Values to Effective Action Weekend of November 29-December 1, 2019

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Many of us feel a growing longing to have a positive impact on the world. We hold a vision of infusing our spiritual values into the political, economic and social life of our planet to create a kind and dignified world for all.

During this workshop, Search for Common Ground Founder John Marks and Peace Ambassador Susan Collin Marks take you deep within yourself to unfold and define your personal vision. You can discover the Principles of Social Entrepreneurship, and the possibilities that abound when you grasp your inner potential to make a real difference, right now. Search for Common Ground grew out of meetings at Esalen in the early 1980s into one of the world's largest non-profit peace-building organizations, with offices in 35 countries. The keys to Search’s success have been profound creativity, nimbleness, and an unswerving, compassionate vision, reflected in the range of its work: TV and radio soap operas that reach millions, countering extremism in the Middle East, participatory theater in Africa and Congressional conversations on race in the U.S.

Participants are expected to attend all workshop sessions.

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