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Consciousness Hacking: Meditation + Technology Weekend of November 17-19, 2017

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Participate in the emerging intersection of ancient wisdom, neuroscience, and modern technology. Join emerging leaders Mikey Siegel and Dustin DiPerna for a technology-augmented meditation retreat. “With Big Sur and the healing waters of Esalen as a powerful backdrop, we combine guided meditative instruction with cutting-edge technology to catalyze a profound shift into group synchronization,” say the leaders. “Ancient practices and teachings from the world’s wisdom traditions provide us with direct insight into the inherent oneness of life. This insight, combined with innovative practices for authentic relating using advanced technology, reveal a new world of unity. Our custom technology is designed to augment the traditional practice, providing subtle sound and light feedback that points us toward a deep collective resonance. We have the opportunity now like never before, to synthesize science and spirituality. This unique combination of practices and technology gives us a glimpse into humanity’s potential for an enlightened future.”
In addition to meditation, participants will engage in group discussion and intersubjective practices to deepen community and to support one another’s exploration.


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